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  • nature 1

    nature 1


    Song dot land’s new episode is powered by nature. Jesse improvises music to a journey through tall grasses as autumn begins in his part of the world. Watch the video for the full experience! The video and cover art were taken during sunset on 2020-09-28, with audio recorded on the morning of 2020-09-29. Notice theContinue reading "nature 1"

  • foxtail equinox

    foxtail equinox


    As the sun rises on the autumnal equinox, the summer drifts off as a chilling cool arrives. I welcome it, but—how did it cool so quickly? 12 hours of daylight. 12 hours of darkness. On today’s song dot land, we celebrate a model day for equality and balance. Cover art taken the evening before. EpisodeContinue reading "foxtail equinox"

  • explode



    On this energized episode of song dot land, journey through audio landscapes of story and song. Where do I come from? How am I here? My land is where the chords fight. They fight like the waves that splash and reverberate, bouncing all around what was once a calm pond. This episode was recorded onContinue reading "explode"

  • rockies



    Go West. I sing of the rockies in metaphor as I make up these songs. The topic crosses between relationship love and my love for music itself, weaved in and out of metaphors and ideas. [Update] Watch this episode in full on YouTube! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

  • mystery 2

    mystery 2


    This is one of my more esoteric episodes. I’ve been fasted for 22 hours and exercised a bunch today. I did that to have good brain energy for this recording, but I don’t know if it worked. I’ll listen in the future and find out! Good luck if you enjoy it, and make sure toContinue reading "mystery 2"

  • gw



    O my godwe sailed like ferdinand magellano my godyou give it away o my godthere in my every momento my godoh love, love, love is our rescue Struggle and hardship gives me what I need to thrive. I would not be where I am today without hard situations, like losing my job and my marriage.Continue reading "gw"

  • across difference

    across difference


    This week’s Song Dot Land journeys across the dimensions of difference. What ground sits between your understanding of life and your neighbor’s? Who do you want your future self to be? It’s a vision of where we can find our strength through our difference. And Monty Python gets recounted at one point. And about howContinue reading "across difference"

  • go and have a great week!

    go and have a great week!


    Welcome! Song Dot Land is a wild, created-on-the-fly-and-it-shows musical program. Today’s ‘tent delivers themes of imagining what can exist when we accept what is. It ends with the benediction to go and have a great week. So, please do!

  • cable problems

    cable problems


    Song Dot Land travels to encouraging dimensions in this week’s episode of the long, improvised idea sharing podcast. The title comes from a mistake where the guitar cable had a problem. May you find encouragement and compassion for your own self as we all deal with coronavirus and another step in the long road ofContinue reading "cable problems"

  • fuel – summer solstice season

    fuel – summer solstice season


    Join song dot land as we sing and adventure through summer, then move to heavier topics of police and power (black lives matter). The only moment we have control of is right now, so choose well in the moment you’re alive.

  • the moon is – summer solstice season

    the moon is – summer solstice season


    the moon is bright tonight from the close sun

  • inner peace – summer solstice season

    inner peace – summer solstice season


    “You have to learn to look around” is the message in this first celebration of the sun and the energy she offers us. The photo is a swamp milkweed sharing nectar with a friend. At the end, at about 28 minutes, everything gets quiet and you can hear the active birds in the background.

  • the banker

    the banker


    This rambling ventures through the topic of making your life your own. You are responsible for how your life goes, as I am mine. It ends with a story where a banker’s life is changed by the article a freelance author sacrificed so much to write.

  • deleterious



    Today’s short-and-sweet speaks of growing together, of tender love, of life. The “you” in tonight’s music goes out to mother nature. “Ooh-ooh-ooh, we are oneAnd we find it all, find it allFind it in your eyes “I came back down deleterious and so afraidInto arms warm for embraceA thousand miles would not be ohContinue reading "deleterious"

  • tomorrow



    Tear into another hike through musical forests in today’s song dot land. Jesse sings about what’s important in life: our ethic, our integration, our fight, our love. Enjoy, and kick shame (your worthlessness) in the ass.

  • survive



    This somber episode of the journey through improvisational music focuses on the ever-evolving coronavirus pandemic. Sit back, enjoy, escape—and consider how you can take responsibility for what you have control over and make it your own, and hold everything else with a light touch.

  • bunny day

    bunny day

    12/04/2020 takes us through the meadow and woods of the song.lands, looking for motivation and purpose in the midst of chords and life’s pain and joy.

  • mystery



    All of life, such a mystery. Join Jesse and in the adventure of taking the first step into a new mystery, not the one you used to know when you heard the stories.

  • virus and friendship

    virus and friendship


    Song dot land revolves around coronavirus and friendship as we venture into a weird time of non-theistic worship time, to worship the power of relationships in our lives, and the threat this disease presents to all of us.

  • so move

    so move


    So move with song dot land. So move through the countryside, looking at cows grazing. So move through encouragement to give your cells a treat, so move.

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