The Hello Human Podcast With Echo Widmer. A human to human upload. With an overstimulation of uninspired messages reaching us from all angles of social connection, and mainstream's time for authentic, innovative, real life messages to meet the ears of humans around the world. Welcome Humans, let's dive in to the human experience.


  • Hello Human Episode #11: Rob Lyon and The Sailors Life

    Hello Human Episode #11: Rob Lyon and The Sailors Life


    Rob Lyon is a friend of mine that I have hosted sailing, and yoga adventures with. I met Rob in Bali a couple of years ago with his wife and daughter. He is an advocate for living a sustainable, conscious and alternative lifestyle. His methods on parenting, living, and sailing are wonderful clean insights for how to step into the future with accountability, health, and responsible actions. Check out this episode to hear about life at see, moving from small town to big world, and stepping into the world of sailing with humbling integrity and a curious mind.    

  • Hello Human: Martina Grossi on smart, culturally sensitive and cost effective travel

    Hello Human: Martina Grossi on smart, culturally sensitive and cost effective travel


    Martina Grossi, The Global Curious Blog, sits today with us today to chat a bit about traveling as a female with awareness for culture, economy and political shifts within countries. Her blog looks at the importance of setting yourself up for successful travel on your first big trip abroad. Check her blog out at

  • Hello Human, Aren Bahia: Thug Life to Hug Life.

    Hello Human, Aren Bahia: Thug Life to Hug Life.


    This podcast is a special one. Aren Bahia, owner of Karma House Yoga and Conscious Arts Tattoo in Ubud, Bali chats to us about his life story. From thug life, to spirituality Aren has seen it all. This episode dives into great shifts of consciousness through meditation, yoga, and lifestyle changes. We have all been there, but maybe we haven't all had our mom count our drug money for us. Let's see what see Aren has in store for us.  

  • Hello, Human Cole Chance: AA, Substance Abuse, Yoga for Recovery and The Road to Redemption

    Hello, Human Cole Chance: AA, Substance Abuse, Yoga for Recovery and The Road to Redemption


    Cole Chance has a beautiful story. She is a friend, a life long sister, a goddess, a sober yogi with a story. I feel so grateful to have met Cole three years ago in Bali. She has inspired me in so many ways and has put me on the path to teaching yoga for recovery. Her story is a powerful and heavy one, but she is a warrior and her words will tell you about the scars. Check her site out at And her youtube channel at

  • Hello, Human Nik Wood: Intimacy, Sexuality, Vunerability

    Hello, Human Nik Wood: Intimacy, Sexuality, Vunerability


    On this week's episode I visit Nik Wood in his Bali villa. First podcast of the year shot in my mate's bed chatting about Intimacy, Sexuality, and Vulnerability. Nik is a life coach, mentor and men's circle leader in Ubud, Bali. Look to his website to see what he is up to these days, never a dull moment.

  • Hello, Human Chris Stevens: Episode #5

    Hello, Human Chris Stevens: Episode #5


    Chris Stevens of sat down with me today to chat about life living out of a van, a suitcase, a couch all the way up to condos, private villas, and surf camps around the world. A serious creature of the sea, and entrepreneur galore this traveler has a story to tell. Dive in with us today, and check out links below to see what he's up to around the world and how to get involved on his adventurous trips.

  • Hello, Human John Faulkiner: Podcast #4

    Hello, Human John Faulkiner: Podcast #4


    This weeks guest in John Falkiner. I met John Falkiner in Japan three years ago. He was playing guitar, I was bartending and I saw a man with a story. John has been living in Switzerland for over 30 years and traveling the world mountain guiding, skiing, rock climbing and working on film sets. This man has a story unlike any other. Tune in to hear about John's journey from dishwasher, to doubling in Jame's Bonds films.

  • Hello, Human Andy Mac: Podcast #3

    Hello, Human Andy Mac: Podcast #3


    Andy and I met sitting in a Life Masterclass in Bali. Both showing up for ourselves in a moment of clarity, and desire to create the best life path possible. Andy is a professional adventure and photography expedition leader, leading adventures around the Globe to teach and lead students looking to deepen their knowledge of photography and film. The settings for these adventures are one in a lifetime and quite special. Aside from his adventurous side he also photographs UK's famous and royal. He talks a bit about both sides of his journey, and gives tips for those out there looking to pursue a life behind the lens. To find out more about Andy's upcoming photographic adventures check out his website at

  • Hello, Human Callum Hardingham: Podcast #2

    Hello, Human Callum Hardingham: Podcast #2


    Callum Hardingham, the Founder of TMM and creator of The Mind Mat, sit's down with Hello, Human to talk about taking control of his life, becoming an effective communicator, being the best version of himself, and how he can help you do the same. Through out his journey and breaking through some difficult challenges early on in life, Callum chose to spend his life helping others achieve greatness. A new program he has created specifically works with Yoga teachers looking to gain more leadership, effective communication, and coaching qualities to take to their classrooms on and off the mat. In this episode we will talk about Neuro-linguistic programming, faceing aversion, accountability and the way we show up for ourselves each day. Join Callum and I on this one hour journey into self exploration. Visit Callum's website for upcoming events, workshops, and personal coaching.

  • Hello, Human Joel Coleman: Podcast # 1

    Hello, Human Joel Coleman: Podcast # 1


    Today on Hello Human I got a chance to sit down with Joel Coleman, professional surf photographer, and kitesurf enthusiast. We had a chat while on location at Vayu Kitesurf in Mannar, Sri Lanka. Joel has traveled the Globe searching for the perfect waves, surfers and locals to photograph. In this hour he talks about surf culture, picking the perfect locations for surf photography expeditions, creating his platform through hard work and determination, how he opened his own Art and Photography Gallery and ran it successfully, and a bit about living life outside the set standard. It was an inspiration to learn from Joel's story, and now it is here for you to enjoy. Check out Joels work and upcoming adventures at:

  • Hello Human Podcast Introduction

    Hello Human Podcast Introduction


    Hello Human is a podcast platform for the modern day human to find authenticity, connection, and true introspection. The stories that you will listen to here come from success, failure, triumph, hardship and prevailing progress of self evolution. The stories here are sometimes funny, sometimes hard to hear, beautiful, ugly, but always real.