Catrin Atkins tells the tales of her personal journey, how her fierce independence was born leading her to take on challenges at times when most of us would think there was enough to deal with!Born in North Wales with spina bifida and hydrocephalus, Cat realised that, despite a doctor's limiting beliefs, she can do whatever she wants and has a strong desire to keep pushing her own boundaries.In this podcast, Cat shares this journey - how people respond to her normal based on their normal, her new role as an ambassador for the Shine charity, tales of trips to Canada, her current 365 miles in 365 days walking challenge for Shine. In her business life, Cat founded Women in Tech Cymru and now works a director of her own company - Sonix Software - alongside her husband. Cat has loads of exciting plans for the future - which she'll be sharing with you throughout this podcast.Join Cat as she shares tales and thought provoking insights into her life.Contact CatJust Giving Page: Cat in her 200th mile: Charity: (blog): (Women in Tech Cymru): www.sonixsoftware.comLinkedIn:


  • Exploring Vulnerability and Courage

    Exploring Vulnerability and Courage

    23/08/2019 Duração: 14min

    In the previous episode, Cat opened up about her vulnerability and how hard it is for her to ask for help and relinquish some of her independence. In this episode, Cat has invited Debra Levitt back to explore vulnerability and courage further.   Cat remembers when her coach asked her about what words she associated with vulnerability and the how they were all negative. Whilst her brain perhaps knew that wasn't the case, her emotions were telling her that being vulnerable was weak.  Brene Brown is a well known speaker and research who regularly talks about vulnerability and studies it - through this, Cat is beginning to acknowledge that allowing yourself to be seen as vulnerable shows courage not weakness. We move on from purely discussing vulnerability to looking at our chosen direction, the obstacles we put up ourselves and finding a group that supports you in where you are going so that you stay in your own lane. Contact Cat Just Giving Page:

  • Acknowledging Your Vulnerability

    Acknowledging Your Vulnerability

    09/08/2019 Duração: 23min

    Life doesn't always go as we want it to. Things happen and they can challenge how we perceive ourselves.  Acknowledging this and even more, accepting it, can be hard. Cat tells us of being in hospital, the PIP assessment, and how her foot infection is impacting the trip to Canada planned for September. Bringing it all together, she acknowledges that she is feeling vulnerable.  As someone who prides herself on being fiercely independent - being vulnerable and admitting it - doesn't come easily. Cat shows that she is fighting to remain resilient, to accept what changes are necessary, to accept help and to just keep going.  It's not about the foot infection itself, nor about Spina Bifida - it's about someone who is having a tough journey just now and having the bravery to share it with us.

  • Cat on Safari and a Benefits Assessment

    Cat on Safari and a Benefits Assessment

    12/07/2019 Duração: 14min

    One of the things that Cat is - without a doubt - is fiercely independent. And now that independence may be limited depending on what happens with her PIP assessment. Some years ago, the government decided to replace the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) with a Personal Independence Payment (PIP).  It's introduction was staggered and everyone who wants to continue receiving this benefit has to apply and go for an assessment. For Cat, that time has come - the form has gone in, she's got her assessment date (which should have taken place by the time you listen to this). Cat talks openly about what it means to her and the potential impact if she loses her Motability allowance - which is key in maintaining her independence. She also talks about the upcoming Women in Tech Cyrmu and we hear a clip of her and her husband Dan having a meet & greet with a lovely deer who decided to join them in the car (well just it's head!) while on a day at LongleatWe hear her and her husband Dan enjoying an in car visit fr

  • Cat on Facebook Live

    Cat on Facebook Live

    07/06/2019 Duração: 30min

    In this episode, we hear Cat as she does the first 2 of a week of Facebook Live events. She talks about how Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus have impacted her life. #Cat300#Cat365  Contact Cat Just Giving Page: Instagram: Twitter: Shine Charity: Facebook (blog): Facebook (Women in Tech Cymru): Business: LinkedIn: 

  • Cat in Canada

    Cat in Canada

    03/05/2019 Duração: 40min

    Cat went to Canada for 3 months by herself at the age of 25 - on this journey, she fell in love with Vancouver and has always wanted to go back.  For her 40th birthday in September and the final mile of her 365 miles in 365 days challenge, she and her husband Dan are heading to Vancouver.  it will be his first trip to Canada. In this episode, Cat talks about the decision to go by herself rather than waiting for friends to be on board with timing, what she learnt about herself and what she's looking forward to on this upcoming trip. She shares about what Sarah McLachlan ( has to do with her love of Vancouver! Cat is being interviewed by Debra Levitt of Bridge Road Consultants Ltd. #Cat300 #Cat365 Contact Cat Just Giving Page: Instagram: Twitter: Shine Charity: Facebook (blog):

  • Out  About with Cat

    Out & About with Cat

    19/04/2019 Duração: 11min

    This week, join Cat as she is out and about in Cardiff - running some errands, introducing Michelle from Simply Sisterhood and hearing from Tracy Stanley - the principal organiser for the recent Women in Tech Cymru conference. Contact Cat Just Giving Page: Instagram: Twitter: Shine Charity: Facebook (blog): Facebook (Women in Tech Cymru): Business: LinkedIn: 

  • #Cat200


    05/04/2019 Duração: 30min

    Cat spoke to Debra Levitt a few days after 200th milestone event at Cardiff Bay.  She talks about her worries before hand, the fun of the walk itself and how it felt after the walk. The combination of almost thinking that she'd celebrated the end rather than a mid-point and the realisation of how much further she still has to go. Cat talks of how, knowing how much it has taken for her to reach this point, makes it almost more daunting to tackle the remaining 165 miles - but emphasises that she will do it. Cat talks about what keeps her going week by week, how hers is not a structured approach and that the flexibility works well for her. The Shine charity and Cat have spoken and are going to arrange another event for her 300th mile! Cat looks ahead to her final week where she'll be away and what she's planning for that, touch briefly on her love of Canada (shared by Debra!) Ever since she was evaluated at the age of 16, Cat has received the Disability Living Allowance. It enables her to keep her independe

  • Cat, Spina Bifida and Abseiling

    Cat, Spina Bifida and Abseiling

    28/03/2019 Duração: 35min

    Don't forget to walk or wheel a mile with Cat on Saturday, 30th March! If you're not in the Cardiff Bay area, you can still join in. Take a picture of yourself out walking or wheeling and post it on instagram or twitter, tag Cat (@catrin1979 on Twitter and @catsatkins on instagram.  Use the hashtag #Cat200. Cat's joined once again by Debra Levitt and they talk about spina bifida, what it is, how it can impact people's lives, how it impacts Cat personally. Cat talks about the conversations that sometimes arise, how best to open a conversation with someone who has a visible disability and making sure you don't let other people's perceptions or limitations become your own. Cat's parents made sure she grew up knowing she could do anything and that spina bifida was not an acceptable excuse to get away with anything and her husband, Dan, showed his understanding of Cat's personality and desire for independence and challenging herself with his plans for their 3rd date! Contact Cat Just Giving Page: https://www.

  • Getting to know Cat

    Getting to know Cat

    20/03/2019 Duração: 32min

    In this very first episode of Cat's Tales, Cat talks to Debra Levitt about her decision to take on a 365 mile walking challenge at a time when most people would probably feel that they had enough on their plate. At the time of speaking, Cat was on mile 182 and on track for her 200th mile which will be completed at an event at Cardiff Bay. Why not join on her on the 30th March 2019 and walk or wheel a mile! If you're not close enough, then walk/wheel wherever you are and share it with Cat on social media Cat talks about being in the hospital, waiting until she was allowed back on the ward to see her husband, during which time she came up with this idea. It was her birthday and she finally felt there was hope that her husband's pain removing some of the limitations that pain had placed on them both. And it was her 39th birthday - she wanted to do something significant as well as giving something back. By the time, her husband left hospital a week later - the challenge was underway, Cat had started walking, deci