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Essential Impact is an international ICF PRISM Multiple award-winning, corporate coaching company based in Vancouver Canada, with a national network of affiliated coaches and facilitators.


  • #10 Coaching on the Downtown Eastside with Mission Possibles Chris Ward, Nick Tellez-Espana and Jess Ebbers

    #10 Coaching on the Downtown Eastside with Mission Possible's Chris Ward, Nick Tellez-Espana and Jess Ebbers

    23/12/2019 Duração: 01h15min

    In the spirit of giving back, we revisit one of our most unique and impactful partnerships, Mission Possible, to explore how they have strategically integrated coaching into their employment readiness program to support those who are marginalized and experiencing poverty through a transition to gainful employment. On this episode, Chris Ward, Manager of Momentum, Nicolas Tellez-Espana, Community Engagement Coordinator, and Jess Ebbers, Cohesion Specialist each join us to share their experiences and learnings using coaching on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside - one of the most poverty stricken neighbourhoods in Canada.About Mission Possible:Mission Possible is a community economic development agency in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Since 1992, Mission Possible has walked alongside people challenged by homelessness and poverty. Through its employment readiness program and social enterprises Mission Possible is transforming lives by helping people experience a renewed sense of dignity and purpose through meaningfu

  • #9: Kathryn Oliver of Joey Restaurant Group

    #9: Kathryn Oliver of Joey Restaurant Group

    11/12/2019 Duração: 54min

    Kathryn Oliver invites Marj up to the 24th floor of Joey Restaurant Group’s head office in Vancouver BC to discuss both how Kathryn has supported creating a coaching culture at Joey’s as well as her personal journey with coaching.Kathryn OliverAs the former Manager of Training and Development for the JOEY Restaurant Group, Kathryn worked with the company through exciting growth, as it doubled in size and reached 5000 employees across North America. Kathryn’s expertise lies in the hospitality industry, including over 7 years experience in leadership development. In Kathryn’s experience, Coaching has been the access point to stronger relationships, higher levels of organizational performance, and is arguably, one of the best tools available for unleashing potential in others.Upon completing her MBA in 2019, Kathryn moved to London, England, to gain further experience in a global market and to continue her career in People Development. Kathryn continues to be inspired by organizations with fast paced and technic

  • #8: Rev. Matthew Smedley, Executive Director of Mission Possible

    #8: Rev. Matthew Smedley, Executive Director of Mission Possible

    27/11/2019 Duração: 51min

    Mission Possible’s Executive Director and Chief Empowerment Officer Matthew Smedley joins the podcast to discuss his journey partnering with Essential Impact and integrating coaching into his organization’s work on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Matt explores his personal journey with coaching and the learning he’s experienced along the way empowering economic development in one of Canada’s poorest regions.Rev. Matthew SmedleyRev. Matthew Smedley grew up in rural Pennsylvania and trained as a pastor.  He currently serves as the Executive Director & Chief Empowerment Officer of Mission Possible in Vancouver, BC. Since 2007, Matt has helped Mission Possible become a leading community economic development organization in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.  He has experienced the impact of coaching in his own life and has worked hard to see that others have the same opportunity, especially those marginalized by poverty.  He is passionate about people recognizing their own abilities, self-worth and

  • #7 Chief Operating Officer/Chief Strategic Officer, Lisa Woods

    #7 Chief Operating Officer/Chief Strategic Officer, Lisa Woods

    02/10/2019 Duração: 37min
  • #6: Adopting a Coaching Mindset with Ed Temple PCC

    #6: Adopting a Coaching Mindset with Ed Temple PCC

    17/09/2019 Duração: 01h02min

    Ed Temple, PCC joins the podcast to share his journey into becoming a coach and facilitator and a few of the lessons he has learned along the way. Ed explores how adopting a coaching mindset has helped him overcome limitations, build stronger, supportive relationships and address conflict in business, life and at home with his wife and three children.Ed TempleEd is the Co-Director of Alberta SEEDS program for Essential Impact. Ed is an experienced executive and fierce servant (higher purpose) focused on developing leaders across many sectors. For Ed, it is all about helping people and organizations collaborate through social enterprise, social impact and corporate charitable partnerships. Coaching and coach training are opportunities to tap into a leader's values, strengths and passions and release them for greater team effectiveness, organizational transformation and improved bottom line results. Ed's diverse background with his coaching and facilitation skills provides an optimal combination for clients and

  • #05: Applications of Coaching with Carollyne Conlinn

    #05: Applications of Coaching with Carollyne Conlinn

    16/08/2019 Duração: 54min

    In this Episode:Essential Impact Founding Partner and Master Certified Coach (MCC) Carollyne Conlinn joins the podcast to discuss how coaching as applied to her life, leadership and well-being. Carollyne ConlinnAs a Master Certified Coach, Carollyne brings over 25 years of business experience at the executive level to her clients. Since leaving her role as Vice President HealthCare Operations, she has been helping organizations create a corporate climate that allows individuals to excel and teams to achieve exceptional results. In 2005 one of her clients, the University of British Columbia, was awarded the first Vancouver ICF Prism Award for excellence in integrating coaching into their organization. Carollyne was named Canadian Coach of the Year (2008-2009), and has been included in “Who’s Who in Canadian Business” since 1995. As a pioneer in the coaching field, Carollyne co-founded Essential Impact when coaching was first seeded in the business world. Carollyne is Associate Faculty with Royal Roads Universi

  • #04: Coaching Demonstration with Tracee Andrews and Dave Busse (PCC)

    #04: Coaching Demonstration with Tracee Andrews and Dave Busse (PCC)

    06/08/2019 Duração: 01h07min

    In this Episode:Author Tracee Andrews, sits down with PCC coach and Essential Impact founding partner Dave Busse for a one-on-one coaching session. Dave helps Tracee focus and navigate through some of the challenges of publishing her book, Whispers on the Ocean, which tells the heart-wrenching story of how institutionalized bigotry has shaped Canada’s relationship with its First Nations Peoples. After the session, our host Marj Busse, MCC, joins in to conduct a detailed debrief of Dave’s coaching.Tracee Andrews (The Coachee)Born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Tracee graduated from the Justice Institute of BC's Paramedic Academy and spent the majority of her fifteen-year medical career working in the challenging environment of Vancouver's infamous Downtown Eastside. A career-ending injury sent her back to university where she focused on psychology and the First Nations studies that later inspired her first novel. Following this she worked as a traumatic stress counsellor and was a founding director

  • #03: The Art of Listening with Renee Ritskes, A Profoundly Deaf Coach

    #03: The Art of Listening with Renee Ritskes, A Profoundly Deaf Coach

    23/07/2019 Duração: 58min

    In this Episode:Marj Busse is joined by Renee Ritskes - A women who despite being considered profoundly deaf since she was a young child found a way to shift her perspective and recognize how she could consider her lack of hearing a strength. Renee is a red-seal chef, a mentor and a coach who has built a reputation as being an intentional listener. Renee Ritskes:Deaf from childhood, Renee has had to learn to communicate in new ways, honing her listening skills through people watching, body language, and intuition. This has given her the building blocks that mentoring and coaching have built upon, using them to grow her own story and also the stories of others. Through her life, change and transitions have been a constant factor and she believes in developing safe and creative environments for people to explore greater levels of effectiveness through change. Over her thirty plus years of experience, she has developed a distinct coaching style, and over the past ten years, she has enjoyed public speaking, teach

  • #02: Leadership with Bruce Swan.

    #02: Leadership with Bruce Swan.

    12/07/2019 Duração: 57min

    The Essential Impact Podcast is an original program hosted by MCC and Founding partner, Marj Busse. In each episode, esteemed guests join Marj to explore the world of coaching and the unique impact it has on their lives, leadership and well-being. In this Episode:Marj Busse sits down with Essential Impact Associate Partner, Bruce Swan - a man of many talents. Together, they explore how taking a coach approach has influenced Bruce’s experiences in life and leadership. Bruce even shares the story of how he got Margaret Trudeau on the dance floor!Bruce SwanWith over thirty years Senior Executive experience as President and CEO, Bruce utilizes the coach approach to leadership. Today fulfilling the role of interim CEO for organizations he has seen and supported firsthand, leaders stepping up to the plate to fulfill the roles of the positions they hold title to. Bruce is a Professional Certified Coach with an undergraduate degree in Commerce, a Graduate Diploma in Hospital Administration and Graduate Diploma i

  • #01: Pilot Episode - SEEDS with Robert Gray, Dave Busse and your host Marj Busse

    #01: Pilot Episode - SEEDS with Robert Gray, Dave Busse and your host Marj Busse

    12/03/2019 Duração: 01h09min

    In our pilot Episode Marj Busse, sits down with Essential Impact’s Director of SEEDS BC and Founding Partner Dave Busse to explore Essential Impact’s growing SEEDS program. This program was designed with the bold idea of embracing the social enterprise model to provide corporate, charitable and non-profit leaders with top-rate International Coach Federation accredited training in an environment that would be affordable and inclusive to all. Imagine a program where a Bank Manager, Addictions Counselor, Church leader and Human Resources representative all sit down at a table together to learn and practice coaching skills with one another. Robert and Dave dive deep into their journeys with this program and the impact its had.Robert GrayAn accomplished background with more than 5 years’ of coaching involvement, specifically in the not-for- profit world, Robert’s energy is focused on helping people connect their skills and experience to their passions and purpose. He has 20 years’ experience in local church pastor