Life can be challenging and even those who look like they are succeeding at life can be like swans frantically paddling under the surface to keep afloat. This podcast explores how life can have more flow and how we all struggle at times. Our boat Tony May is like a metaphor for life, smooth water some days and at other points locks to negotiate like the problems that we meet in life.Floating Through Life is presented by Louise Croombs a Creative Arts Therapist and Sarah Burton a Life Coach. Louise and Sarah meet each week on a canal boat in Northern England and discuss how to live a better life. Brimming with advice, humour and honesty, made with love from a canal boat where we meet each week. We hope you find peace and joy with us on our little boat as we try to live life a bit better.


  • 1: Trailer

    1: Trailer

    07/03/2019 Duração: 02min

    This podcast is an introduction to Louise and Sarah, two therapists who want to help other people to live a better life in these stressed and frantic times. Floating Through Life will be a weekly podcast discussing modern living and how we can become more self-aware so we can help ourselves. In the canal boat Tony May, where they meet, you will hear Louise and Sarah exploring the canal, giving you a clue to their love for life and playful nature and explaining what they hope to do.