Join Chris and Diego in the quest to transform the masses into bonafide smarks through their retelling of wrestling's best (and worst) storylines!


  • Wilson Family Drama (Ep. 2)

    Wilson Family Drama (Ep. 2)

    17/03/2019 Duração: 02h57min

    "This is some soap opera sh*t". Revisit one of wrestling's most outrageous, dramatic storylines ever in Wilson Family Drama! Full of lies, manipulation, bikinis, hotel rooms, french tips, and a whole lotta sex. Torrie Wilson will be inducted into WWE's Class of 2019 Hall of Fame, and it's safe to say her role in this storyline is a pretty strong reason for that. Torrie has to navigate through her IRL father, Al Wilson's, hot new engagement to one of wrestling's best female heels, Dawn Marie. And yes, there will be a funeral involved. Also, Who's That Girl will explain the character of The King of Dong Style: Joey Ryan. Join hosts Chris and Diego along with their guest, Lindsay Kappa (runner up in the Northside Talent Show), as they do their best to explain this wacky family drama. Buckle in, this is a lengthy episode...and for good reason. Tune in and get one step closer to becoming a bonafide smark!  

  • Vince McMahon vs. God (Ep. 1)

    Vince McMahon vs. God (Ep. 1)

    24/02/2019 Duração: 01h50min

    Welcome to the madness! In our debut episode, we revisit the events leading up to Vince McMahon taking on God! We provide background on years of storyline progression, from Shawn Michael's being WWF's sexy bad boy, to losing his smile, to finding his best friend: God. We chose Vince McMahon vs God because it gives new fans a glimpse at the whirlwind that is wrestling storylines. For seasoned fans, this allows you to revisit all the twists and turns of this holy match up.  Tune in and become one step closer to being a bonafide smark!