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  • Comfortnoise Ploy - Offset

    Comfortnoise Ploy - Offset

    02/07/2020 Duração: 01h53min

    Enjoy spiel:feld´s podcast no.84 - compiled, mixed and filled with additional effects by the project Comfortnoise Ploy from Switzerland. Please like, comment and share it with your friends. ★ about: “Offset” was recorded on a typical Swiss Sunday in April during a constant succession of rain, snow and sunshine. Kind of like Comfortnoise Ploy, a multi-genre and multi-instrumental stage project, performed by XEED & on turntables, the singer and MC Iyah Ranx, and the effect device operator Rjega on the legendary vintage Roland Space Echo RE-201. In this session, we additionally applied a melodica, blues harp, jew’s harp, flute and different types of rattles besides an Elektron Octatrack and a Korg Monotron Delay. The outcome is a versatile, thoroughly dubbed out sound fabric displaying the aesthetics of techno, reggae, steppers and halfstep. – It was a perfect day for a bass heavy studio séance. And, gee, did we feel it! Hope you have fun as well! ★ cover picture: Villa Turc by Le Corbusier in La

  • XEED - Silen Season Campfire Story

    XEED - Silen Season Campfire Story

    21/12/2018 Duração: 01h53min

    Quiet Dub Techno podcast for the canadian record label Silent Season, released in December 2018. This time, i tried to tell a tranquil, hypnotic and yet exciting campfire story. Starting with ambientish, strictly beatless Dub Techno, the sound is melting and evolves into serious and deep melancholy. Take your time and listen closely to catch all the details of that brilliant Dub Techno beauties. Title: Silent Season Campfire Story Artist: XEED Label: Silent Season Cat#: Campfire Stories 55 (Winter's Spell) Release Date: 21.12.2018 Length: 113 min. About Silent Season: Download: Tracklist: 1 Zzzzra - Aurore Pneumatique (Romance) 2 Mohlao - Neurowaves (Deep Sound Channel) 3 Ovatow - Phalaenopsis - Dub II (Frantic Flowers) 4 Arktapes - Untitled B2 (Arktapes 001) 5 Grad_U - Jacob’s Dream (Echo Echo) 6 Sounds & Sequences - Ark

  • XEED - Comfortnoise Podcast

    XEED - Comfortnoise Podcast

    27/08/2018 Duração: 01h00s

    Dark and experimental halftime Drum and Bass podcast for the swiss label Comfortnoise, released in August 2018. I'm already into D'n'B since the 90's, but i've somehow never found any space in my record shelf for it. After i discovered halftime (or halfstep) Drum & Bass a few years ago, i've had no chance to resist the urge to buy some records. Also, the genre worked really well on our gigs with 'Comfortnoise Ploy', so i had to put it in a podcast once. And here you go! The goal was to create a compact and interesting 60 minutes mix for my friends ('') label Comfortnoise. You can expect dark and experimental sounds, along with some dubby influences which imho are essential for halftime Drum and Bass. I'd love to hear some feedback on this one down below in the comments section! Enjoy! Title: Comfortnoise Podcast Artist: XEED Label: Comfortnoise Cat#: #083 Release Date: 27.08.2018 Length: 60 min. About Comfortnoise: About Comfortnoise Ploy:

  • XEED - Waehlscheibe Podcast

    XEED - Waehlscheibe Podcast

    31/05/2018 Duração: 01h26min

    Fresh & fluffy Dub Techno & Dub House podcast for the swiss record label Waehlscheibe, released in June 2018. This is the kind of music i'd love to play outdoors when the sun is going down. Everybody knows this cozy and warm summer evenings, where everything seems to be perfect. This is the soundtrack of that exact feeling. Deep, dubby and a great gentle groove to start moving your feet. Go outside and enjoy this mix with your friends at the beach or in the park - either way i wish you an awesome time! Title: Waehlscheibe Podcast Artist: XEED Label: Waehlscheibe Cat#: #007 Release Date: 01.06.2018 Length: 86 min. About Waehlscheibe: Download: Tracklist: 1 Sven Weisemann - Dopamine Antagonist (Delsin) 2 Ben Buitendijk - Near Mint (Oblique Music) 3 Matthias Springer - Simplicity (Turmfalke) 4 Moreon & Baffa - Panamericana (Ben Buitendijk Remi

  • XEED - Hello Strange Podcast

    XEED - Hello Strange Podcast

    02/04/2018 Duração: 01h41min

    Harder Dub Techno podcast for Hello Strange, released in April 2018. My first mix in 2018 comes as a functional Dub Techno mix for the dancefloor! Of course there are plenty of awesome chords too, as well as straightforward reduced rhythms. Like every other set of mine, this one is also a hand crafted vinyl mix, done with 2x Technics 1210 M5G turntables and a Pioneer DJM-700 mixer. Please support the artists and labels and buy their records if you like them! :) Title: Hello Strange Podcast Artist: XEED Label: Hello Strange Cat#: #313 Release Date: 03.04.2018 Length: 101 min. About Hello Strange: Download: Tracklist: 1 Fabio Scalabroni - Look Beyond (Biorecordings) 2 Grad_U - Surface III (Greyscale) 3 E110 - SKFS (Tevol) 4 Van Bonn - Counterpart (Van Bonn Records) 5 Merv - Magnitude (Third Wave Black) 6 Lifer - Tesla

  • XEED - Circles amp Spheres Podcast 2

    XEED - Circles & Spheres Podcast 2

    29/12/2017 Duração: 01h24min

    Typical deep Dub Techno podcast for sub.made's label Circles & Spheres, originally released in 2017. This is my second contribution for Circles & Spheres (link to the first one below). Subtle, ordinary chords and noises are leading you through this journey. You could also say that this mix is very deep and minimalistic as usual. :D Title: Circles & Spheres Podcast 2 Artist: XEED Label: Circles & Spheres Cat#: C&SPL044 Release Date: 30.12.2017 Length: 84 min. About Circles & Spheres: My first contribution to C&S: Download: Tracklist: Full mix on Soundcloud: 1 Zzzzra - Douce Mollesse (Romance) 2 Federsen - Ascetics (Linear Movement) 3 Tomas Rubeck - The Blueprint (Echocord) 4 STL - Sunny Park Chill (The Un

  • XEED - WOMB Podcast

    XEED - WOMB Podcast

    21/10/2017 Duração: 02h02min

    Hypnotic Deep Techno podcast for Phrex's label W O M B, originally released in 2017. For this mix, i got inspired already some time ago by an intro set from Eli Verveine at Club Zukunft. Its hypnotic, meditative and rhythmic character lets you dive deep into the music. This kind of sound works perfectly for travelling as well as for dancing or just relaxing. Whatever you choose, enjoy it and leave me some feedback if you like =) Title: WOMB Podcast Artist: XEED Label: W O M B Release Date: 21.10.2017 Length: 122 min. About W O M B: Download: Tracklist: 1 Architectural - 4ª# Opera (Architectural) 2 Feral - Heruka 1 (Hypnus Records) 3 Luigi Tozzi - Bathypelagic Zone (Hypnus Records) 4 Luigi Tozzi - Flusso Perpetuo (Hypnus Records) 5 BLNDR - Mental Stretching (Luigi Tozzi Remix) (Hypnus Records) 6 Hakimonu - Insular Realms (Luigi Tozzi Remix) (Black

  • XEED - Broken Consciousness

    XEED - Broken Consciousness

    21/05/2017 Duração: 01h23min

    Deep, dark and heavy Dubstep podcast, originally released in 2017. Now it's time for something different - now it's time to turn up your subwoofers even more! :D Yes, it's a Dubstep mix. After playing so much foundation Dubstep stuff with my other project called Comfortnoise Ploy, it was about time to finally do a mix on my own. This meditative and heavy bass music is just a blast and really fun to play! Make sure to check out Comfortnoise Ploy too, if you want to know more about something even more different. Title: Broken Consciousness Artist: XEED Label: Self released Release Date: 20.05.2017 Length: 93 min. About Comfortnoise Ploy: Download: Tracklist: 1 Spherix - Drone (Tube 10 Recordings) 2 Youngsta & Cimm - Redshift (Tempa) 3 Djunya - Brahman Dub (Immerse Records) 4 Cessman - King Of My Mind (Tribe 12 Music)

  • XEED - Insurrection of the depth

    XEED - Insurrection of the depth

    02/04/2017 Duração: 01h47min

    Dark Ambient, Experimental and IDM mix for Deep Electronics' Ambient Sessions, originally released in 2017. "Insurrection of the depth" is my first Ambient podcast. Recorded on a cold and dark winter day, this mix takes you to a deep, mysterious and dark journey through different levels of insanity. This is not just interesting Dark Ambient music, it has also a few experimental, drone and IDM influences. My first impressions with ambient music are already way ago. Somewhere in the mid 00's i've got an impressive and profound experience with vivid ambient and experimental music - a lucid dream. Since then, ambient got a special place in my heart. That experience was also a reason why i found my way to dub techno, where i have my focus. Due to the fact that i am a record collector, i bought dozens of ambient, experimental and IDM records during the past years. It was challenging to compile them for a first mix, because i had so much to choose from. But the result speaks for itself. I hope you enjoy this journ

  • XEED - MOSHItaka Podcast

    XEED - MOSHItaka Podcast

    27/10/2016 Duração: 01h26min

    Decelerated Dub Techno mix for the US record label MOSHItaka, originally released in 2016. A chilled, slowed down journey through Experimental and Dub Techno sounds somewhere between 100 and 105 bpm. Incredible records included here, perfect for a little break during the day. Make sure you also check out MOSHItaka for some proper Dub Techno releases! Title: MOSHItaka Podcast Artist: XEED Label: MOSHItaka Cat#: MOSHImix78 Release Date: 28.10.2016 Length: 86 min. About MOSHItaka: Download: Tracklist: 1 Sub.made - Wave Of Thought (MOSHItaka) 2 Keadz - Connected Universe (La Petite Compagnie) 3 Sean Piñeiro - After Six Minutes (Ki Records) 4 T.Raumschmiere - Sleeping Pills And Habits (Albumlabel) 5 youAND:THEMACHINES - Sansula (Ornaments) 6 Rasmus Hedlund - Teos IV (Ljudverket) 7 Subset - Cinco Anos Del Dub (DimbiDeep Music) 8 Feral - Vishnu

  • XEED - Intrinsic Audio Sessions Podcast

    XEED - Intrinsic Audio Sessions Podcast

    13/02/2016 Duração: 01h55min

    Deep Dub Techno mix for the south african label Intrinsic Audio Sessions, originally released in 2016. Dub infused, very deep, very noisy and also spiced up with loads of hypnotic space. As always served with lots of bass as well. :) Title: Intrinsic Audio Sessions Podcast Artist: XEED Label: Intrinsic Audio Sessions Cat#: IAS#40 Release Date: 14.02.2016 Length: 115 min. About Intrinsic Audio Sessions: Download: Tracklist: 1 Rainer Veil - Negative Space (Modern Love) 2 Keadz - Sublime (La Petite Compagnie) 3 CV313 - Infinit-1 (Original) (echospace [detroit]) 4 Octaedre - Oiziruam (soundscape versions) 5 CV313 - Lost Sequence (echospace [detroit]) 6 Intrusion - A Gentle Embrace (Reduced) (Intrusion) 7 Mr. Cloudy - Habitat (Millions Of Moments) 8 Phase90 - Terram (echospace [detroit]) 9 Grad_U

  • XEED - Guidance System [dtpod027]

    XEED - Guidance System [dtpod027]

    31/12/2015 Duração: 01h59min

    Dub/Roots & Bass/Stepper podcast for Deeptakt Records, originally released in 2016. This mix leads you from the origins of Dub Techno, Roots and Dub music, into modern forms of Dub, Bass music and even some Stepper sound. Hand crafted vinyl mix as always - grab something to smoke, turn up the volume and enjoy this two hours podcast =) Title: Guidance System Artist: XEED Label: Deeptakt Records Cat#: DTPod027 Release Date: 01.01.2016 Length: 119 min. About Deeptakt Records: Download: Tracklist: 1 Teddy Irie - We Rule The Border (Harry J Records) 2 Slightly Stoopid With Inner Circle - No Cocaine (Stoopid Records) 3 Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse (Tad's International) 4 Sonya Spence - Peace & Unity (High Note) 5 Dennis Brown - If This World Were Mine (Tad's International) 6 Eek-A-Mouse - Christmas-A-Come (Greensleeves Records) 7 Patrick Andy

  • XEED - Primary [coulours] Podcast

    XEED - Primary [coulours] Podcast

    06/11/2015 Duração: 01h55min

    Raw and dry Dub Techno mix for the australian record label Primary [colours], originally released in 2015. Less chordy this time but still filled with great basslines. This mix comes with very reduced, danceable rhythms in a dry manner. You can also expect an extensive atmospheric technoish outro. Title: Primary [colours] Podcast Artist: XEED Label: Primary [colours] Cat#: Mix Series #07 Release Date: 09.11.2015 Length: 115 min. About Primary [colours]: Download: Tracklist: 1 Matthew Burton - Robotic Riddim (Star Dub) 2 Steve O'Sullivan - Special Edition (Reshape) (Sushitech Records) 3 Cirkel - Cirkel 002.0 (Cirkel) 4 STL - Dub's End (Grad_U Back To The Machines Dub) (Echocord) 5 Sounds & Sequences - Polygon (Sounds & Sequences) 6 Exos - Gegnum Skráargat (Thule Records) 7 Moreon & Baffa - Panamerica

  • XEED - Dub Techno Blog Guest Mix 003

    XEED - Dub Techno Blog Guest Mix 003

    10/08/2014 Duração: 01h15min

    Calm and dreamy Dub Techno mix for Dub Techno Blog, originally released in 2014. A very smooth and ambientish Dub Techno journey, perfect for relaxing on lazy days. Make sure you also check out Dub Techno Blog for great releases and weekly live shows! Title: Dub Techno Blog Podcast Artist: XEED Label: Dub Techno Blog / Drift Deeper Recordings Cat#: 003 Release Date: 11.08.2014 Length: 75 min. About Dub Techno Blog: Download: Tracklist: 1 Sven Weisemann - Xine Rising (Wandering) 2 Jouem - Eldarion (Mojuba) 3 Segue - La Rue (Silent Season) 4 Maxim Wolzyn - Görlitzer Park (SVS Records) 5 Yagya - As It Is (Subwax Bcn) 6 Yagya - Sleepygirl 5 (Delsin) 7 Nikosf. - A Woman's Nature (MOSHItaka) 8 Segue - Snow Dub (Silent Season) 9 Hakimonu - Cadence 1 / Native A (ESHU Records) 10 Yagya - Sleepygirl 2 (Delsi

  • XEED - Shades and Shapes

    XEED - Shades and Shapes

    25/05/2014 Duração: 58min

    "shades and shapes" is a 112 bpm house mix filled with relaxing and warm, melodical vinyl records i've collected over the past 2 years. tracklist:

  • XEED - Technopoetry Podcast

    XEED - Technopoetry Podcast

    26/01/2014 Duração: 01h24min

    Forward-going Dub Techno podcast for the St. Petersburg based label Technopoetry, originally released in 2014. This 84 minutes mix is slightly harder and dryer then most of my mixes. A Techno driven podcast, but still with many Dub Techno oriented tunes included. Get ready to dance! Title: Technopoetry Podcast Artist: XEED Label: Technopoetry Cat#: Technopoetry #039 Release Date: 27.01.2014 Length: 84 min. About Technopoetry: Download: Tracklist: 1 Insect O - The Clouds Above Us (Etui Records) 2 Van Bonn - Baumgartner (Marko Fürstenberg Remix) (Telrae) 3 Idealist - Indirection (Idealistmusic) 4 Matt Star & Michael Peter - La Movida (Dub Edit) (Movida Records) 5 Reminiscent Mood - Reminiscent Mood 1.2 (Phorma) 6 Klartraum - Kazantrip (Original Mix) (Lucidflow) 7 Yaya & Jun Akimoto - Prove (Original Mix) (Kiara Records) 8 East En

  • XEED - Growing Roots

    XEED - Growing Roots

    24/12/2013 Duração: 01h36min

    Dub Roots & Dub Techno podcast for Seasidetrip, originally released in 2013. My first attempts in Dub/Roots music and also a tribute to Rhythm & Sound, the pioneers of the Dub Techno genre. All of their Records were released in late 90s and early 00s and are still relevant! Title: Growing Roots Artist: XEED Label: Seasidetrip Cat#: Seasidetrip #19 Release Date: 25.12.2013 Length: 96 min. About Seasidetrip: Download: Tracklist: 1 Rhythm & Sound - See Mi Yah w/ Willi Williams (Burial Mix) 2 King Tubby - King Tubby's In Fine Style (Jamaican Recordings) 3 King Tubby - Black Skin Dub (Sprint Records) 4 Alien dread In Dub w/ Martin Campbell & Hi Tech Roots Dynamics - Every Dub I Walk (Log On!) 5 King Tubby - Ghetto Living Dub (Sprint Records) 6 Alien dread In Dub w/ Martin Campbell & Hi Tech Roots Dynamics - Ashanti Dub (Log On!

  • XEED - Lucid Dream

    XEED - Lucid Dream

    03/10/2013 Duração: 01h11min

    Laidback deep Dub Techno mix for Birdz Music, originally released in 2013. Fluffy Dub Techno podcast for the swiss music collective Birdz. Close your eyes and let the sound flow into your mind. Title: Lucid Dream Artist: XEED Label: Birdz Music Cat#: BP046 Release Date: 04.10.2013 Length: 71 min. About Birdz: Download: Tracklist: 1 Cio D'Or - Ur (Telrae) 2 Unknown - 13A (Knowone) 3 Stefan Gubatz - Nachtfahrt (Baum Records) 4 Hydergine - Reminiscence (Tiefenrausch) 5 Sven Weisemann - Elution (FDF's Espale Mix) (Telrae) 6 Anton Kubikov - Frames (Pro-Tez Records) 7 Dub Taylor - Peace by piece (Eintakt) 8 Grad_U - EV 4 (Redscale) 9 Pawas - Cold Dubb (Eintakt) 10 Sraunus - Festa ([ZiK']) 11 Bvdub - It Could Have Been So Beautiful (Third Wave Black) 12 Andrey Pushkarev - Quercus (Circus Company) 13 youAND:THEMACHINES - Beyond (Ornaments)

  • XEED - Tiefenrausch Podcast

    XEED - Tiefenrausch Podcast

    02/07/2013 Duração: 01h21min

    Deep and dreamy Dub Techno podcast for Tiefenrausch Musik, originally released in 2013. The German label Tiefenrausch is known for their excellent Dub Techno vinyl releases. I feel honored they picked me to do their first podcast! Title: Tiefenrausch Podcast Artist: XEED Label: Tiefenrausch Musik Release Date: 03.07.2013 Length: 81 min. About Tiefenrausch: Download: Tracklist: 1 Sven Weisemann - Nandus (Pan Records) 2 Sven Weisemann - Elapse (Telrae) 3 Anton Kubikov - Chords (Pro-Tez) 4 Biodub - 7pm september light (Tiefenrausch) 5 Monomood - Coming Home (Etui Ltd.) 6 Albert Van Abbe - Anvers Series_0001 (Mohlao Remodel) (No Comment) 7 Marko Fürstenberg - Rieht (Rita Hess Rmx) (Rotary Cocktail Recordings) 8 Audio Atlas - Finland (Bliq) 9 Aubrey - Dot 2 (Analog People Remix) (Dot) 10 Raffaele Attanasio - X-501.8 (Third Wave Black) 11 Quante

  • XEED - Fokus

    XEED - Fokus

    08/06/2013 Duração: 01h33min

    Club-capable Dub Techno podcast for Spiel:feld Records, originally released in 2013. You can expect raw, dry and deep Dub Techno in this 93-minutes mix for the german label Spiel:feld records. Put on your dancing shoes! Title: Fokus Artist: XEED Label: Spiel:feld Records Cat#: SPFpod028 Release Date: 15.06.2013 Length: 93 min. About Spiel:Feld Records: Download: Tracklist: 1 Ivano Tetelepta & Alex Jansen - Colourful fly (Rue De Plaisance) 2 Unknown Artist - B Untitled (Dub Chronicles 4) 3 Mono Junk - Channel B (Styrax Records) 4 Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak II/II (Basic Channel) 5 Round Three Feat. Paul St. Hilaire - Acting Crazy (Edit) (Main Street Records) 6 Round Three Feat. Paul St. Hilaire - Acting Crazy (Club Vocal) (Main Street Records) 7 Maurizio - Untitled (M5) (Maurizio) 8 Unknown Artist - A2 Untitled (Dub Chronicles 1) 9 Wax - B Untitled (No. 50005) (Wax) 10 Wa

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