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Based on her book This Is How We Rise and her work as the CEO of S.H.E. SummitClaudia Chan believes everyone can be a leader by offering a new definition that is holistic, inclusive and purpose-driven. By getting all people to lead with a "me-for-we" mindset, we not only better our communities, we can also discover our greatest life meaning and fulfillment. Distilling wisdom and insights from Claudia's journey and renowned thought leaders, the How We Rise podcast will help you become the leader that both your destiny and humanity is calling you to be. More info at


  • #13: On Racial Equity with Tony Porter

    #13: On Racial Equity with Tony Porter

    29/07/2020 Duração: 45min

    Today's global pandemic and ongoing racial unrest have shined a blinding light on the systemic inequities that prevent all people in our society from thriving. Claudia speaks with A Call to Men's Tony Porter to reflect on what it feels like to be black in America today and how we can all rise for racial equity and justice.

  • #13: C-Suite Convo: Corporate Responsibility with Aflac’s Catherine Hernandez-Blades

    #13: C-Suite Convo: Corporate Responsibility with Aflac’s Catherine Hernandez-Blades

    22/06/2020 Duração: 38min

    In a time of heightened uncertainty and tragedy, companies across the world are confronted with the task of supporting the employees and the customers they serve in a primarily virtual environment. In the episode, Claudia Chan and Catherine Hernandez-Blades is Chief ESG and Communications Officer at Aflac will discuss: Hernandez-Blades’ experience shattering glass ceilings in traditionally male dominated industries  The importance of social responsibility and crisis management in corporate America Strategies for becoming engaged, inclusive, and productive corporate citizens

  • #12: Ask for More with Author amp Law Professor Alex Carter

    #12: Ask for More with Author & Law Professor Alex Carter

    11/06/2020 Duração: 45min

    93% of all negotiators are failing to ask the questions that they need to get the most out of their negotiations (Professor Leigh Thompson at the Kellogg School of Management). In this episode, Claudia talks to Alexandra Carter, the author of Ask for More: 10 Questions to Negotiate Anything and a professor at Columbia Law School, to find out why this problem happens to most of us and to explore a whole new approach to negotiation. Through this episode, you will: Discover the fundamentals of negotiation: E.g., 5 mirror questions & 5 window questions; Understand the power of problem definition to focus on your mission to enlist support rather than to keep the sell focused on yourself; and Learn how to turn a no into a yes

  • #11 Building Inclusive Virtual Culture with Michele Meyer-Shipp

    #11 Building Inclusive "Virtual" Culture with Michele Meyer-Shipp

    03/06/2020 Duração: 34min

    With majority of global workforces working-from-home in COVID-19, we talk to Michele Meyer-Shipp, Principal, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at KPMG, on how to Create Inclusive Virtual Culture. From communication tactics to unconscious bias, Michele unpacks some key skills and ideas for leaders to consider as they work on building inclusive culture: How to ensure everyone's voice is heard Minding meeting times and supporting your team's schedules and at-home demands Being consciously inclusive and seeking ideas from people with different backgrounds and experiences

  • #10: Rising Through the Creative Process with Alysia Reiner

    #10: Rising Through the Creative Process with Alysia Reiner

    15/05/2020 Duração: 36min

    As the founder of S.H.E. Summit, an award-winning conference advancing SHE, HE and EQUITY FOR ALL, Claudia Chan is hosting a series of community calls to provide a transparent space for rising leaders to connect and gain some How We Rise coaching from her and past speakers.In this episode she speaks with award-winning actress and producer Alysia Reiner. Best known for playing Natalie "Fig" Figueroa in the Netflix comedy drama series Orange Is the New Black, for which she won a Screen Actors Guild Award.Rising Through Creation, Alysia emphasized we prioritize self-care. Not as a buzzword, but as an investment in the body we meet every single every day. Alysia explains:We must take specific actions continually to find structure in each day: Feed your heart & soul Feed yourself as a creator Feed your mind Feeding the business

  • #09: Leading energy through challenges

    #09: Leading energy through challenges

    07/05/2020 Duração: 25min

    Energy is an incredibly powerful tool to manage our mental health, yet we often don’t think about how profoundly powerful it is. In this episode, Claudia Chan will cover: the two kinds of energy that we give to and receive from others — that are positive and negative energy; the types of positive and negative energy we give and receive and how to identify them; why focusing on energy management over time management is critical now more than ever; and how to manage energy so your whole-life can be uplifting. “It’s much easier to teach than it is to role-model. We need to model what we teach to lead.”

  • #08: Understanding Our Mental Health with Dr. Valerie Rein

    #08: Understanding Our Mental Health with Dr. Valerie Rein

    01/05/2020 Duração: 44min

    Energy changes things and physically impacts those around us. Even while socially distanced, our energy is as contagious as our current global pandemic. Using our new and developing tools we can create a wildfire that goes beyond simply surviving. We thrive by creating the peace and harmony we want to see in the world. #HowWeRise

  • #07: How to Lead When You’re Overwhelmed

    #07: How to Lead When You’re Overwhelmed

    23/04/2020 Duração: 26min

    As you are at home during this time of uncertainty, you're also taking on many new roles. Working from home, teaching your kids, preparing supplies - it's no surprise you are overwhelmed. In this episode of the How We Rise podcast, Claudia talks about a few tools you can use to lead from home when you're overwhelmed.

  • #06: Building Community from Home

    #06: Building Community from Home

    15/04/2020 Duração: 32min

    Our life has completely changed since the outbreak of COVID-19. Many of us are now working from home and are physically isolated from each other. Social isolation, a solution to combat the virus, has now brought a new challenge to our well-being — that is mental health. Whether it is a family, friends, co-workers or someone who shares common interests, we tend to have an inherent desire to belong and be an important part of something greater than ourselves. We long a sense of belonging to a community. In this new season, Leading from Home, Claudia Chan will cast light on challenges that  people are going through and provide new perspectives on how to overcome these challenges. The second episode will cover: The steps to galvanize a community and lead change while physically apart Why your community needs to be updated — three layers of a community The relationship between vulnerability and mental health —  men vs women

  • #05: Leading From Home: Managing Anxiety and Mental Health Amid COVID-19

    #05: Leading From Home: Managing Anxiety and Mental Health Amid COVID-19

    09/04/2020 Duração: 25min

    As the impact of the coronavirus has grown, the fear of uncertainty in the future has heightened.  The fear of transmitting the disease, being unable to pay bills, losing a job or even losing someone you know has come into your day-to-day life: increasing your stress level and, oftentimes, affecting your mental health. In this new season, Leading from Home, Claudia Chan will cast light on challenges that  people are going through and provide new perspectives on how to overcome these challenges. The first episode will cover: Reframing as a tool to shift your mindset from being reactive to becoming proactive Self-reflection in times of crisis to fuel you personal growth The meaning of leadership — why it needs to be redefined “Maximizing impact requires leadership development, but maximizing leadership requires personal growth.”

  • #04: You Become the Sum of Your Thoughts

    #04: You Become the Sum of Your Thoughts

    23/04/2019 Duração: 41min

    When it comes to rising as leaders, your thoughts can be the greatest drivers of your success or they can be the greatest barriers to your success. Yet most people don't invest the time to assess and manage the internal patterns, self talk and voices to work for you. Claudia dives deep into the power of your thoughts and steps to manage your mind to serve your visions and dreams.

  • #03: Great Leaders Are Inclusive Leaders

    #03: Great Leaders Are Inclusive Leaders

    03/04/2019 Duração: 30min

    In order for all of us to bring our best selves and talents to our workplaces and communities, we need to feel not only a sense of belonging and that we can engage as our true selves, we also need to create the space for others to as well. In a world that is increasingly diverse with so many dimensions (culture, gender, generation, class etc)--cultivating an inclusive mindset is critical for all of us to rise as leaders.

  • #02: Leadership Redefined as Whole Life Leadership

    #02: Leadership Redefined as "Whole Life" Leadership

    20/03/2019 Duração: 29min

    In this episode, Claudia unpacks a new, more appealing and accessible definition of leadership that is essential to your potential, destiny, and for humanity.

  • #01: A New Perspective of Your Life

    #01: A New Perspective of Your Life

    06/03/2019 Duração: 26min

    In this episode, Claudia shares 3 beliefs to reframe the meaning of your life and unlock your highest potential.