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  • Can Sugar Detox Stop Yeast From Growing  Taking Control of Your Brain?

    Can Sugar Detox Stop Yeast From Growing & Taking Control of Your Brain?

    18/03/2019 [Download not found] Why is Sugar so Addicting? Table sugar (sucrose) is one of many types of sugar that can drive addiction. Sucrose is a “double” sugar, meaning that it is a 2-sugar unit. One unit is glucose, also known as blood sugar. The other is fructose or fruit sugar. Sucrose and fructose are used as sweeteners in many foods and beverages. Two things happen when sucrose hits your digestive tract. One is that it is split into its two separate components, glucose and fructose. The other is that sucrose, glucose, and fructose stimulate growth by the wrong kinds of microbes in your GI tract. Addiction to these simple sugars is driven by one of those microbes, the candida yeast. It is an opportunistic microbe that takes over the gut whenever it gets the right fuel – sugars. Well-fed candida yeast outcompetes and even inhibits the frien

  • 4 Simple Ways To Clean Your Liver

    4 Simple Ways To Clean Your Liver

    12/03/2019 [Download not found] Your liver is a workhorse for your health. Technically, it is an extension of your digestive system. It is your main detoxifying organ for handling processed foods and other toxin-laden components in your diet. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for describing what a healthy liver does for you. Its phenomenal range of activities also includes: * Enhancing nutrient absorption in the GI tract * Balancing protein, fat, and sugar in your blood * Getting rid of old red blood cells and their leftover waste products * Producing essential agents for proper blood clotting * Breaking down and metabolizing medications and alcohol * Producing essential proteins and cholesterol * Storing minerals, especially iron, and vitamin A That’s what you can expect when your liver is healthy. The good news is you can easily keep it that

  • What is Maca Root Powder?

    What is Maca Root Powder?

    16/02/2019 [Download not found] Maca root is one of the newest herbal remedies to gain attention in the natural health community. It is a superfood native to the high Andes of Peru. Maca has been revered for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. Although it shares many characteristics with other root vegetables in the mustard family (such as radish and turnip), maca is unique biochemically. It produces a rich array of antioxidant polyphenolics and sulfur-containing ingredients that benefit our health. Maca’s antioxidant effects extend to its role in boosting the body’s own innate antioxidants. These include the most important one of all, glutathione. Maca also boosts levels of our main antioxidant enzyme, SOD (superoxide dismutase). Traditional uses of maca include its roles in enhancing fertility and sex drive. Modern research has rounded ou

  • How to Reduce Gut Inflammation? With Dr. Dennis Clark

    How to Reduce Gut Inflammation? With Dr. Dennis Clark

    31/01/2019 [Download not found] Video Interview TranscriptionKendall E. Matthews: Perfect. So one of the things that we're going to be doing, and I'm going to doing more of this next couple of months, is being able to provide great content for health technology and things that you are able to do. And what I'm doing is making sure that have the energy that I need to be successful every single day. And I want to share that information with you, and Dr. Dennis Clark is helped me out. So if you want to subscribe to this YouTube channel, make sure you do that and click the notification button as well so you can get notified on one. We're going to be uploading some more great content and if you have any questions that you want me to ask, Dr. Dennis Clark, leave those in the comment section below. I'll make sure the next time we do these I will ask your question as well. So, the last time we were