With a drink in hand, a Latina, a gay man and a black man talk about everything and nothing that matters.Join three friends from different backgrounds as they navigate conversations on various topics ranging from Scientology to Death Row. Each episode is recorded at a public location in Portland, Oregon. New episodes released monthly.


  • Bad Decisions + Locked Doors

    Bad Decisions + Locked Doors


    The gang shares tales of bad decisions and crazy nights made worse by unfortunate locked doors.

  • Crackhead Game + Cocaine Daze

    Crackhead Game + Cocaine Daze


    Join the gang as they exchange stories about crackheads and drug encounters at a local bar. Disclaimer: not all drug encounters are guaranteed to be this funny.

  • Superpowers + Welcome to 30s

    Superpowers + Welcome to 30s


    The gang drinks and fantasizes about having superpowers. The childlike dialog leads to a discussion about entering your 30s and how perspectives change.

  • Jackpot Dreams + Banana Peels

    Jackpot Dreams + Banana Peels


    The gang moves to a bar and discusses the dream of winning the lottery and what they would buy with all that cash money!

  • Restrooms + Bags

    Restrooms + Bags


    Join the gang for a little bit playful bathroom humor as well as talk of childhood and adult pranks.

  • Bidets + Buttholes

    Bidets + Buttholes


    The gang has a spirited conversation about the benefits and disadvantages of bidets. Peppering in personal stories of bidet successes and failures. This episode starts off with a surprise guest (its a police officer)!

  • Full Plates + Soul Food

    Full Plates + Soul Food


    The gang discusses significant others while making numerous relationship analogies and discussing what "soul food" means for them. The comedic podcast gets real.

  • Positions + Beautiful People

    Positions + Beautiful People


    The gang gets personal and touches on the importance of quality people.

  • Quidditch + Clocks

    Quidditch + Clocks


    The gang discusses Harry Potter and the National Quidditch League.

  • Death Row + Beats

    Death Row + "Beats"


    The gang contemplates what they would choose for their Last Meal if they were on death row.

  • Scientology + Silent Porn [Pilot]

    Scientology + Silent Porn [Pilot]


    Join in on a lively comedic conversation! The pilot episode places you directly into a lighthearted conversation about religion that takes an entertaining turn.