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  • 190 - Learned Helplessness (rebroadcast)

    190 - Learned Helplessness (rebroadcast)

    16/10/2020 Duração: 43min

    Podcast Notes Key Takeaways Learned helplessness is a behavior shaped by negative experiencesFor some people who’ve experienced enough defeat or abuse or loss of control, they learn there’s no escape and don’t act even when ableHumans spend less cognitive energy on positive thoughts than negative thoughtsLearned helplessness is one of the most damaging and invisible ways to delude yourselfFatalistic thinking: “This is my fault and it’s going to affect everything I do and it’s never going to change”The Explanatory Behavior Model attributes the failure to a situationThe Attributional Behavior Model attributes the failure to the personTo break the negative-thinking cycle: try attribute-retraining to interrupt the automatic thoughts that occur following negative eventsEngage in cognitive behavior therapy – train yourself to think about things in different ways and break old ways of thinkingRead the full notes @ podcastnotes.orgStuck in a bad situation, even when the prison doors are left wide open, we sometimes r

  • #009: Dan Go – On Psychedelics, Twitter, Pursuing Your Vision

    #009: Dan Go – On Psychedelics, Twitter, Pursuing Your Vision

    16/10/2020 Duração: 01h20min

    Podcast Notes Key Takeaways Psychedelics foster a belief that everything in this world is connected and we’re all related in some way“It’s easy to do something when you’re passionate about it – money is a by-product” – Dan GoTwitter is the ultimate test to see whether you actually care about other people’s opinionsThe best way to accelerate your business is to find a mentorKeep your written visions and goals within eyesight every day as a reminderLadder your visions: break down large goals into bite-size actionsDon’t wait for rock bottom before taking a chance on yourself Read the full notes @ podcastnotes.orgDan Go is an online fitness coach and former gym owner. In this conversation, we had a wide-ranging discussion about psychedelics, Twitter, and pursuing a massive vision.

  • #231 - Ali Abdaal - How To Learn  Remember Anything, Fast

    #231 - Ali Abdaal - How To Learn & Remember Anything, Fast

    16/10/2020 Duração: 01h06min

    Podcast Notes Key Takeaways Learning is supposed to be hard. It’s like going to the gym. Hard workouts are what stimulates growth.“If you’re finding something hard it’s a lot more likely to stick because your brain is having to work harder. You’re operating at the limit of your muscles potential and that’s the stimulus for growth.” – Ali AbdaalTake old exams or create an exam based on the material from class to better remember the information:“There’s evidence that shows that you test yourself even before you start learning something, that’s going to improve your learning. If you test yourself immediately after you learn something, that’s going to improve your learning.” – Ali AbdaalJust as you feel like you’re getting the grasp of a lesson and enjoying it, switch to a new one:“If you add a little more variety, kind of make them do a little bit of something, a little bit of something else…the brain is never quite allowed to be comfortable and therefore we’re maximizing our learning and minimizing the time we

  • Adam Townsend (Pt. 2) – The Sale (EP.21)

    Adam Townsend (Pt. 2) – The Sale (EP.21)

    15/10/2020 Duração: 01h06min

    Podcast Notes Key Takeaways “Your first client is your own mind.” Adam Townsend“What you perceive yourself to be, that’s what you turn into” Jim O’ShaughnessyThe salesperson has to embrace sales as part of his identityHe has to believe in what he’s sellingIf he doesn’t, he might have to rely too much on persuasionPersuasion has a deceptive component, so it’s better to avoid itAdam doesn’t like (persuasion) books because they instruct on how to guide conversationsHe prefers to keep conversations fluid and have flexibilityImplementing advice from books also takes away your own authenticity “Referrals are the best close you can ever get” – Adam TownsendBy the time Adam sits with his client, he considers the deal closedHe turned the customer into his advocateIt’s important to find out from the customers what value we bring to them– The words they use to describe it are an important clue to shape your identity and communication with themHard Work Does Not Equal Success“Don’t confuse activity with effectiveness” Be

  • #473: Naval Ravikant on Happiness, Reducing Anxiety, Crypto Stablecoins, and Crypto Strategy

    #473: Naval Ravikant on Happiness, Reducing Anxiety, Crypto Stablecoins, and Crypto Strategy

    15/10/2020 Duração: 02h01min

    Podcast Notes Key Takeaways “My heroes are scientists because I think applied science is the engine that pulls humanity forward. It eventually becomes technology.” – Naval Ravikant “I think the nature of what science is is being corrupted and that started the day we let the so-called social sciences masquerade as sciences” – Naval Ravikant What does Naval consider to be real science?Physics, molecular biology, chemistry, mathematics, theory of computation, etc.“If there isn’t some experiment that could theoretically disprove it then it’s not science” “You’re not going to get rich renting out your time. You must own equity – a piece of a business – to gain your financial freedom.” – Naval RavikantYou can own other businesses (private or public stock) or you can create your own business, but either way, you need to own equity to become wealthy“The ideal would be to make money with your mind, not with your time. So if I can make just one good decision a year and that makes me all the money I need for that year,

  • Jesse Livermore - Upside Down Markets - Understanding Fiscal and Monetary Policy - [Invest Like the Best, EP.194]

    Jesse Livermore - Upside Down Markets - Understanding Fiscal and Monetary Policy - [Invest Like the Best, EP.194]

    14/10/2020 Duração: 54min

    Podcast Notes Key Takeaways Normally, an organically strong economy correlates with a strong stock market. In an upside-down market, this relationship is invertedUnlike monetary response, the fiscal response provides unencumbered spending powerLack of spending sucks income out of the system, fiscal policy undoes that effect by delivering income to the private sectorCOVID will likely normalize future fiscal interventions“If you don’t intervene in boom-bust cycles, things can get ugly. That’s especially true when you have the wrong initial conditions when you have a high level of interconnectedness which we have today” – Jesse LivermoreThe Fed holding interest rates down in the face of inflation fears is bullish for equitiesUnder 0% interest rates and negative real return on cash and bonds, money will flow into equitiesA negative scenario for fiscal stimulus, though unlikely, is president Biden combined with GOP holding the senateIt makes sense to get international exposure in case of potential corporate tax in

  • #94 Chamath Palihapitiya: Understanding Yourself

    #94 Chamath Palihapitiya: Understanding Yourself

    14/10/2020 Duração: 01h26min

    Podcast Notes Key Takeaways A good question to ask yourself: Are you living the life you want to live or the life others want you to live?   “I think a lot of people have to do things that are motivated by other people’s perception of them and also motivated by the pressure that’s exerted by the people that are very closely around you” – Chamath Palihapitiya “We’re going to financialize everything. We’re going to fractionalize ownership of probably everything. And so, what there’s an opportunity now to do is to curate and cultivate a community around that, to help people.” – Chamath PalihapitiyaYou can buy shares in sneakers, art, trading cards, and just about everything else. There’s also a large community around each of those areas.“The investable universe is growing”  Climate change is a multiple decade and deca-trillion dollar opportunity: “The world’s first trillionaire will be somebody in climate change” – Chamath Palihapitiya“We are going to spend, in the next decade, tens of trillions of dollars to tr

  • The Reemerging Field of Psychedelic Research

    The Reemerging Field of Psychedelic Research

    13/10/2020 Duração: 15min

    Podcast Notes Key Takeaways Medicinal psychedelics are used in a very specific, controlled settingControlled psychedelic experiences can generate significant changes, even decades laterDrugs acts as a catalyst for the experience, but the experience changes us and calibrates who we arePatients often report a high spiritual experience about the love of self and others as the core of existenceOne dose of psychedelics often recalibrates feelings about self and death among palliative care patientsPsychedelics are being researched for therapeutic use in the recovery of alcoholism, addiction, and PTSDRead the full notes @ podcastnotes.orgThe Reemerging Field of Psychedelic Research | This episode is brought to you by Perfect KetoHallucinogens like lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and psilocybin (a compound derived from certain species of mushrooms) were being researched in medicine as therapeutic agents before their recreational popularity boomed in the 1960s. Unfortunately, that era gave them a negative connotation

  • 639 - How to deal with your problem with Stoicism with Ryan Holiday

    639 - How to deal with your problem with Stoicism with Ryan Holiday

    12/10/2020 Duração: 01h23min

    Podcast Notes Key Takeaways In every society, there will be people who unknowingly head towards the wrong direction on a decision and nothing you can say will convince them otherwise“If you take it upon yourself to like forcely convert each one of them, not only are you going to be unhappy, but you’re never going to succeed either.” – Ryan HolidayOne of the virtues of the stoics was moderation and the idea of the midpoint of two extremes being the best place to be However in today’s world, if you’re in the middle, you’re hated by the alt right and the alt left “Instead of admiring people who can effectively stand in the middle, we’re almost mad at them for not taking sides” – Ryan HolidayOne main takeaway from Ryan’s book: It’s easy to talk about stoicism, but can you live it?“It’s really to talk about these philosophical ideas but what counts is are you able to live them and does your life reflect these ideals?” – Ryan HolidayDon’t just say what’s right in private, share it publicly:“I think the things that

  • Grant Sanderson: Math For The Masses

    Grant Sanderson: Math For The Masses

    10/10/2020 Duração: 01h20min

    Podcast Notes Key Takeaways Humans are visual thinkers, so visually learning math resonatesThe biggest misconception about math is that it’s all about absolute truthsYouTube view counts indicate that people are getting into math more than ever beforeThere is a high correlation between those who did math olympiads in high school and those who do useful technical things for society later onThree Problem -Solving Tricks for Math:1. Organize your thoughts2. Look for what doesn’t change when you alter perspectives3.  If it’s a physics problem, check out the conservation lawsAmbient Research is the phase in which casual thinking or being “idle” is essential“The future is ours to invent, it won’t invent itself” – Grant SandersonThree Categories of Mathematicians:Those that don’t care about applications but enjoy the beauty of mathThose that love puzzles and don’t care if math touches the real worldThose who see math’s beauty in its effectivenessRead the full notes @ podcastnotes.orgMy guest today is Grant Sanderson,

  • Garry Tan - $40B in Startup Value (Initialized Capital)

    Garry Tan - $40B in Startup Value (Initialized Capital)

    10/10/2020 Duração: 01h13min

    Podcast Notes Key Takeaways New startup opportunities are present in every industryAny industry that is not taking advantage of software is ripe for innovationIf you know how to use spreadsheets you can run a whole business without hiring an engineer“In a world where people are doing the bare minimum, if you can take that extra step, you’re gonna stand out” Sara DietschyStarting a company“The hard part is, you have to have the right idea and the right need, at the right time” Garry TanMany people didn’t invest in Instacart because of the failure of a similar startup in 2001, Webvan“If you don’t have technology as a key part of what your business is, you might not have future cash flows” Garry TanFacebook and Google Ad Auctions are driving away the profits of traditional businessesMany companies need to pay Facebook and Google a “tax” to get ahead of their competitorsThat’s why creators are so important today, as they provide another avenue to customers’ attentionRead the full notes @ podcastnotes.orgGarry Tan

  • Ep. 95: Real Impact, with Jennifer Doudna

    Ep. 95: Real Impact, with Jennifer Doudna

    08/10/2020 Duração: 34min

    Podcast Notes Key Takeaways CRISPR is a way to edit DNA sequences quickly and effectively  CRISPR will allow changes to the sequence of DNA that leads to disorder in uteroCRISPR technology offers opportunities to treat neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’sCRISPR will allow plant breeders to put in traits that are desirable (e.g., eliminate toxicity) and make changes to genes that impact those specific traits but not change the genes of the rest of the plantThe Innovative Genomics Institute/CRISPR research team is committed to ethically responsible development of technology and future accessibility and affordability around the worldRead the full notes @ podcastnotes.org“I really want to be building on this technology here at Berkeley and making sure that we are creating a community of scientists that are doing two things: not only extending this extraordinary science and thinking about how to apply genome editing in ways that will have real impact on humanity; but also doing it with an

  • #470: Steven Rinella on Hunting (And Why You Should Care), Reconnecting with Nature, Favorite Trips, and More

    #470: Steven Rinella on Hunting (And Why You Should Care), Reconnecting with Nature, Favorite Trips, and More

    08/10/2020 Duração: 01h44min

    Podcast Notes Key Takeaways In a lot of states, many of the fish & game agencies get no hard funding. In other words, when you pay state tax, they don’t receive any of it.“The bulk of the state fish & game agency’s finances comes from the sale of licenses, tags, and stamps. Hunting licenses, fishing licenses, permits, tags, all the stuff that goes with hunting and fishing.” – Steven Rinella“Even if you hate hunters and anglers, you can’t get around the fact that hunter and anglers fund your state’s wildlife apparatus.” – Steven RinellaWhen you help one species, chances are you’re helping other wildlife species in that environment:“By helping elk through improving their habitat and protecting their habitat, you’re helping everything on the landscape. From songbirds to insects…you’re helping everything.” – Steven RinellaHunting foundations do exactly that:“Every year they add to the net amount of pristine wildlife habit that exists in this country. And you cannot say the same thing about PETA.” – Steven

  • Daily Stoic Sundays: Five Life-Changing Quotes From Seneca

    Daily Stoic Sundays: Five Life-Changing Quotes From Seneca

    07/10/2020 Duração: 11min

    Podcast Notes Key Takeaways “No good thing is pleasant to possess without friends to share it with.” – SenecaWe torture ourselves more than the thing we are worrying about ever could. Seneca talks about the importance of adversity, not only embracing it, but actively seeking it out so you can be better, stronger, and more prepared. “Just as some diseases jump over onto those we have touched, so the mind infects those closest to us with evils.” -– SenecaRead the full notes @ podcastnotes.orgIn today's Sunday Podcast, Ryan talks about five quotes from Seneca, one of the three founding fathers of Stoicism and a famous writer and advisor as well, and how they can change your life for the better..This episode is brought to you by Four Sigmatic. Four Sigmatic is a maker of mushroom coffee, lattes, elixirs, and more. Their drinks all taste amazing and they've full of all sorts of all-natural compounds and immunity boosters to help you think clearly and live well. Four Sigmatic has a new exclusive deal for Daily Stoi

  • #127 – Joe Rogan: Conversations, Ideas, Love, Freedom  The Joe Rogan Experience

    #127 – Joe Rogan: Conversations, Ideas, Love, Freedom & The Joe Rogan Experience

    06/10/2020 Duração: 01h19min

    Podcast Notes Key Takeaways There are benefits to reflecting on death:“I think having a sense of urgency is very beneficial and understanding that your time is limited can aid you greatly” – Joe Rogan  Whoever wins the election, people will not be happy:“I think if Trump wins, people are going to be furious and I think if Biden wins, people are going to be furious” – Joe RoganPodcasting is a skill, it’s not just talking. You have to learn how to learn attentively, be genuinely curious, and have good follow-up questions. It’s like a dance. The host and guest need to work together. “When I listen to a good podcast, I feel like I’m in the room” – Joe RoganJoe learned a lot about creativity and gathering ideas from reading The War of Art by Steven Pressfield“If you show up and put in the time and focus your energy on that, the ideas they will arrive” – Joe RoganTo create, you must be humble and stop thinking about yourself:“It requires a humility and requires a detachment from self in order to create” – Joe Rogan

  • 11. Greg McKeown: How To Master Essentialism  Focus On What Matters

    11. Greg McKeown: How To Master Essentialism & Focus On What Matters

    06/10/2020 Duração: 54min

    Podcast Notes Key Takeaways  “Life is made up of trade-offs and a lot of the time we don’t notice that when we’re making decisions” – Greg McKeownEvery decision has a trade-off and when you say yes to one thing, whether or not you know it, you’re saying no to something else “We don’t recognize that in saying yes, we are saying no to something else”As an Essentialist, ask yourself every day: “What’s the most important thing to do?”“You can have many important things, but by definition, you can’t have very many important first things”  – Greg McKeown“When you create space to think and play and talk and connect and listen, and not be emailing, reacting, doing, meeting…You start to have breakthrough insights.” – Greg McKeown“Sleep deprivation makes it harder for us to discern what’s important from what’s not important. It makes it harder for us to make decisions.” – Greg McKeown“If you get four hours of sleep, it’s the same as if you’re drunk”Be careful of the curse of capability: Saying yes to something just bec

  • Biblical Series: Introduction to the Idea of God

    Biblical Series: Introduction to the Idea of God

    05/10/2020 Duração: 02h38min

    Podcast Notes Key Takeaways Human beings want to know where they are going and why, which is different from what actually is! (behavioral truth vs. objective truth)“Dreams are the birthplace of thought.” – Carl Yung Our neuropsychological systems are so deeply rooted, they are the same now as they were when our ancient ancestors were scanning the Sahara for predatorsIf there are things that threaten you (chaos itself), open your eyes and use your words precisely to encounter and contend with the worldFacing your challenges and proper speech (leadership) are the predicate for creating an effective societyWhat people believe to be true, they will act outDevelopment of the prefrontal cortex came from the ability to create an abstraction of a behavior, think on the abstraction, then act on it if it is safeThe distance in time between the Bible and the internet is shorter than the time from a chimpanzee to a modern humanRead the full notes @ podcastnotes.orgOn this Easter Sunday, we bring you our first lecture fro

  • 1394: How to Build More Muscle  Lose More Fat by Reducing Stress, the Best Priming Movements to Improve Your Big Lifts, the Effectiveness of Kettlebells Vs. Dumbbells  More

    1394: How to Build More Muscle & Lose More Fat by Reducing Stress, the Best Priming Movements to Improve Your Big Lifts, the Effectiveness of Kettlebells Vs. Dumbbells & More

    05/10/2020 Duração: 01h09min

    Podcast Notes Key Takeaways Intermittent fasting is about changing your relationship with food, not a performance hack to build muscle or lose fatSometimes you need a vacation! Perception of stress in your life has a huge impact on physiological outcomesIt’s important to figure out specific primers for your body to optimize spine alignment and muscle engagement for improved liftingBoth dumbbells and kettlebells should be incorporated into a workout routineConfidence and passion go a long way for new trainersIf you’re a new trainer, be hungry to learn from others around youRead the full notes @ podcastnotes.orgIn this episode of Quah (Q & A), Sal, Adam & Justin answer Pump Head questions about why taking a vacation can help you reach your fitness goals more effortlessly, the best priming movements for squats, deadlifts, bench press and the other big lifts, whether kettlebells are superior to dumbbells, and how a new trainer can overcome imposter syndrome. Reality TV, real or fake? (3:30) Jessica’s jou

  • SLP213 Michael Saylor - Bitcoin Dematerializes Money

    SLP213 Michael Saylor - Bitcoin Dematerializes Money

    04/10/2020 Duração: 01h00s

    Podcast Notes Key Takeaways Software dematerializes products and services; Bitcoin dematerializes moneyFind a $100Bn digital network that is dematerializing some essence of societyBuy it when it’s 10 times bigger than the next biggest competitor and sell it when it becomes 10 times bigger than thatConsumer Price Index (CPI) is a misleading metric, a basket of cherry-picked goods that aren’t going to increase in cost“It took me about 15 hours of research to determine Bitcoin was the best money ever invented”Additionally, “It took me about 15 minutes to figure out that Ethereum was still in its developmental venture capital stage” – Michael SaylorInvesting 1% of your portfolio in Bitcoin is a pointless moveBeing the scarcest digital asset there is, Bitcoin will have a positive real yield of 10-20% just based on currency debasement“Why would you take 99% of your assets and invest it in something that’s losing 10% a year for the next decade?”Read the full notes @ podcastnotes.orgWhy did MicroStrategy buy $425 mil

  • #467: Dustin Yellin on Making Art, Weaving Madness, and Forging Your Own Path

    #467: Dustin Yellin on Making Art, Weaving Madness, and Forging Your Own Path

    04/10/2020 Duração: 01h43min

    Podcast Notes Key Takeaways Some young artists spend too much time looking at what other people are doing instead of finding their own voiceAspiring artists should find out what’s in the bottom of their own brainsA good storyteller is curious and fearless, an explorer who describes the things they see or experienceHallucinogens allow your aperture to open up: more light, more color, more sound“Help your community.  Embrace not only your dreams but their dreams.” – Dustin YellinPioneer Works is a community of artists and scientists with a goal of making the world a better placeDustin on his psychogeographies: “If I took your brain and smashed it together and made a map of everything inside of it”Dustin said his death obsession urges him on: Your life is almost over – get going!“Get people to accept our differences as the great glue that creates the complexity of our experience. All of us experience the same thing differently, but we’re made of the same stuff” – Dustin YellinRead the full notes @ podcastnotes.o

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