Do you want to love YOUR normalwhatever that looks or feels like? Are you wondering how to expand the essence which is essentially you? These podcasts are a celebration of the journey. Our guests arent just random hippies plucked off the streets of spirituality but genuine Quintessential Beings who have aligned their lives and vocations with their hearts. Hear tools and sage wisdom that will resonate with those seeking self-acceptance. Learn from stories and experiences which have helped others to evolve their own inner selves - shifting perspectives, patterns and behaviours to welcome home their soul.


  • Low tox living with Kimberli Fourro from Soul Fire Wellness

    Low tox living with Kimberli Fourro from Soul Fire Wellness

    12/10/2020 Duração: 30min

    Our bodies are a divine temple, and as women we are the gateway between heaven + earth.. so why do we poison it on a daily basis? Kimberli Fourro learnt the hard way that the chemicals in our cleaning + beauty products can not only harm us they can nearly wipe us out. Talking from her own experiential journey moving from chronic fatigue to low tox living, Kimberli explains how she got her life back + fuelled by her passion for natural health, is here to gift awareness to bringing our bodies back to their roots through natural alternatives in this chemical ridden world.  As a walking encyclopedia of what chemicals harm us + how... in this episode we chat about the biggest offenders in home cleaning + beauty products  plus an alarming truth called 'greenwashing' all about Australian labelling which will leave you speechless. Through her label Soul Fire Wellness, Kimberli combines the magic of all natural raw ingredients with divine essential oils + crystals to bring a whole new holistic meaning to liv

  • Unapologetic ambition + watering your soul with The Gypsy Mumma

    Unapologetic ambition + watering your soul with The Gypsy Mumma

    17/09/2020 Duração: 31min

    The powerhouse that is Kelley Webb - The Gypsy Mumma joins us to chat all things soul rattling growth! Ignited by her sons deep, intuitive spirituality (he literally sees dead people) she started her own awakening getting flipped on her ass + surrendering to the unforgiving pull of a new way of being. She calls it the 'fuck it' moment - potent invincibility stirring her into action as she clawed her way back from the clutches of death to start anew. She is a straight-shooting, sharp-talking, no bullshit kinda woman who dared to say YES to all of herself. We unpack the growing pains of navigating a new life whilst her husband was mourning her old self + how she danced with a partner not growing at the same rate to continued wedded bliss, leaning into her non-negotiable independence + strength as a guide. This is a no-holds-barred, call it like she sees it convo about brand building, soul searching + intuitive connectivity. Enjoy! BLOOM: with Nikki here: https

  • Sobriety, self-acceptance + starting over with Mala Kennedy

    Sobriety, self-acceptance + starting over with Mala Kennedy

    04/09/2020 Duração: 49min

    The self-acceptance piece is something that the spiritual community can bang on about + we all have our own unique dance with the cycle of self-doubt + self-acceptance. It is a truly individual practice as no one person can ever experience life the same. For Mala Kennedy self-acceptance has really been about looking in the mirror + no longer flinching at her reflection, adopted as a child from Sri Lanka by an Australian family Mala grew up feeling caught between two worlds. Adding to that a diagnosis of vitiligo growing up which ultimately led to the decision to live life sober, Mala reveals what it is truly like to live holding her own edges instead of numbing them. Becoming a student of personal development + using various tools to solidify her change in BEing human, she now helps women shift from self-doubt to self-acceptance so they too can feel confident. Working with language, emotions and the body, she guides her clients to re-invigorate their relationship to self + facilitate lasting shifts. As a life

  • Disengaging from the shame game with Jaime DEredita

    Disengaging from the shame game with Jaime D'Eredita

    21/08/2020 Duração: 40min

    Ever since Brene Brown launched onto the world stage with her research around shame + vulnerability there has been a collective understanding that we ALL experience this deeply troubling emotion. In this episode I chat with Jaime D’Eredita about the symptoms of shame + how to unpack the internalised messaging of shame in a healthy + safe way. Jaime is a social worker + psychotherapist in Colorado, who primarily helps people identify, understand + shift barriers to live a more expansive life of peace + purpose. Specialising in trauma, addiction + domestic violence (to name just a few) she is incredibly passionate about connecting clients to their own self-compassion, self-love + self-acceptance. Here, we dive into the symptoms of shame, explaining the strong correlation between trauma + shame or addiction + shame, illuminating for us that we often depart from ourselves, disconnecting from our inner light when we feel shame + once we are in that state it is hard to connect to others. This creates the space that

  • Soul Origins + past lives with Kasia Bourke

    Soul Origins + past lives with Kasia Bourke

    07/08/2020 Duração: 46min

    If you have ever pondered the meaning of life question - I found the woman who has the answer... Kasia Bourke! This episode very much feels like a soul remembrance… Kasia is a life purpose unveiler and Intuitive Business mentor, meaning she can tell you where your soul originated from, what your soul gifts are, your life lessons, your soul’s purpose + where your soul has previously trained. I know. Mind. Fucking. Blown! We all walk through life repeating patterns of behaviour, have unique + individual triggers the size of the Titanic + fears or blocks that just don't seem to quit... so what if we framed it all differently? What if we knew that our souls had chosen to incarnate here at Earth School for these exact reasons? In this episode Kasia explains what it might look or feel like to meet your guides and access information about your past lives that are like a balm for your soul, a deep knowing of life lessons chosen as a catalyst of change and human evolution. Kasia tells us how she started reading f

  • The Art of healing with Maddy Connors

    The Art of healing with Maddy Connors

    24/07/2020 Duração: 36min

    In this episode I chat with Maddy Connors… she is - Yarli Creative – a STUNNING contemporary Aboriginal Artist that specialises in custom designs + prints, finding inspiration from her proud and strong Yorta Yorta, Dja Dja Wurrung + Gamilaroi woman bloodline. Her identity + connection to her environmental surroundings is what drives her combined with her personal journey… it is here we talk all things motherhood, womanhood, art, healing + embodiment. Trauma can so often derail us + Maddy gets candid about how she uses her art to sink into a meditative state allowing the inner stories to transform and heal by letting the brush guide her on the piece she is working with. She also unlocks for us the unique way she uses music as a time portal back to nostalgic childhood memories or the birth of her daughter so she can potently recreate the stories in her mind, meeting them with softness, compassion and in full authentic expression. As a child of family violence, Maddy speaks to it with unwavering strength, saying

  • Smashing through self-imposed limits with Jade Baxter

    Smashing through self-imposed limits with Jade Baxter

    03/07/2020 Duração: 41min

    If you’re a woman who wants more then you’re a woman who understands the crippling impact of limits. And fear. In this episode I chat with super fun, high vibe, energetic powerhouse babe, Jade Baxter. We unpack all things limits, self-sabotage, personal rituals + celebration! Jade knows a thing or two about limits... after doing a complete 180 in her career - moving from corporate gig to creating life + biz on her terms, she now constantly looks for the little soul whispers that light the way for personal growth. She calls it the lens of opportunity. Although it doesn't feel like it in the moment, almost all of our limits are self-imposed... and it certainly doesn't feel sexy to understand that we can be our own worst enemies. So how do we cue the courage and answer the call to go bigger? Give yourself the same power you give to your soul team support sisters! Take off those rose-coloured glasses you have for your pedestal people + bestow them upon yourself. Jade hands us a beautiful + poignant reminder that

  • Universal co-creation with the pleasure nutritionist Julie Tenner

    Universal co-creation with the pleasure nutritionist Julie Tenner

    19/06/2020 Duração: 54min

    Have you ever listened to someone speak and it was like listening to poetry in motion? That is Julie Tenner, the pleasure nutritionist.  She is an enchanting goddess who fervently believes that feminine energy is the source of life… that it’s rejuvenation + replenishment. The holy grail. Courageously willing to look beyond her story of managing life as a modern woman with success + family meant a pivotal point of transformation emerged. She absorbed all her wounds of resentment + exhaustion to bubble up her sacred feminine nature into the greatest gift. This is a woman who understands more than most that self-care is probably on your to-do list along with the milk + groceries and as such her guidebook for life is to live by what blooms you open; that the divine speaks to us through feeling. She believes that by co-creating with the universe in this way we can complete our embodiment of feminine life force. She shares with us that by embracing the beam of light that is creative, static energy + using sens

  • The covert nature of giving our power away... co-dependency with Natalie Anne Murray

    The covert nature of giving our power away... co-dependency with Natalie Anne Murray

    21/05/2020 Duração: 01h15min

    If you’ve ever looked at your personal relationships and thought wow – there is a pattern of unhappy here - there has to be a better way… you are not alone! Love + belonging are fundamental human needs; it bonds us all and in the absence of it we can feel utterly broken. However, there is a sinister underbelly of co-dependency that is rife in our society + suffocates our closest relationships… an extensive + multifaceted issue that touches every human on the planet. Weaved into Disney stories, Hollywood movies + your favourite tv series - co-dependency is subliminally sold to us as that ‘spark’ or ‘caring’ for those you love - but when faced with the truth that we are each ultimately responsible for our own happiness a deep, rippling confusion that ruptures our reality can leave us reeling. I brought in relationship expert Natalie Anne Murray for an in-depth chat, unpacking what co-dependency really means, how it shows up in our relationships + in what way we can start to remedy this rampant issue. Natal

  • The system that will rock your world... Human Design with Caroline Southwell

    The system that will rock your world... Human Design with Caroline Southwell

    06/05/2020 Duração: 50min

    If you have ever come across a person who has looked at their Human Design chart, they will likely tell you it has changed their life!! Fundamentally - it is a map to understand yourself FULLY, giving you a huge permission slip to do life the way you are uniquely designed to. Based on your date, time + place of birth Human Design (HD) uses Eastern + Western Astrology, Chinese I-Ching, Kabbala tree of life AND the Hindu Chakra System to chart your unique self. This is so you can understand who you were born to be + what you came to this planet to do! Caroline Southwell is a transformational specialist + Human Design Guru… in this epic in-depth chat we cover all of the basics of HD so we can better understand ourselves + decondition all that no longer serves us. Caroline shares that the simple starting point of HD is to look at Type, Strategy + Inner Authority – what does that even mean? I got you! There are 5 types of Human Design + a 'type' categorises how someone’s energy field interacts with the people arou

  • How pleasure and nakedness can gift you a most authentic life with Rosie Rees

    How pleasure and nakedness can gift you a most authentic life with Rosie Rees

    23/04/2020 Duração: 34min

    Your yoni is one of the most important relationships in your life, are you connected to it? In this episode of Quintessential Being I chat to Rosie Rees, a woman who shares my heart-centred message… Get off the self-love hamster wheel, it is time to embrace the self-acceptance revolution! See, we live in a society that feeds our need to be + do better, marketing companies capitalise on our deep desire for constant self-improvement + we as women can often feel exhausted from the sheer striving to UP-LEVEL. Ask me how I know this because (hands up – guilty!) Enter stage left Rosie Rees… none other than the MOST delicious Aussie babe on the planet, being naked + feeling pleasure is her JAM! The Founder of Yoni Pleasure Palace + Women’s nude yoga, she created a leading online boutique selling yoni eggs + crystal sex toys… her rap is radical self-acceptance, feminine expression + being vulnerable. Amen Sista! We get down + dirty about dextrous vaginas, waking up your sexual centre and exploring nakedness on every

  • Confessions of a Spiritual Entrepreneur with Rebecca White

    Confessions of a Spiritual Entrepreneur with Rebecca White

    08/04/2020 Duração: 45min

    Rebecca White is an abundance codes breakthrough Coach for impact driven female entrepreneurs! Having grown up in an abusive household Rebecca is passionate about helping women bio-hack their abundance sequence and release their invisible blocks for a more successful business. As a certified Law of Attraction Coach, Emotion Code Facilitator, Psych-K Practitioner, and an intuitive entrepreneur she has truly blueprinted a new way of navigating to success bringing the nervous system on board to make BIG BANK. In this episode Rebecca gets candid about her past and how it fuelled her to become one of the big hitters in the entrepreneurial world, we chat about how safety is the number one priority for us to build on in the areas we wish to expand in + that understanding your own nervous system is the key to really receiving divine compensation in business + life. Most of us have experienced some degree of trauma in our lives and in order to fully self-regulate we need to co-regulate, which helps us tease out the st

  • Soul Modes... our built-in life collaboration system with Carlie Maree

    Soul Modes... our built-in life collaboration system with Carlie Maree

    25/03/2020 Duração: 48min

    Our souls are the deepest aspects of ourselves. Eternal + potent in power, that which connects us to all that ever was, is + will be. A place miracles are born. As women we inherently understand this but operating as a feminine core being, both beautifully creative + chaotic in energy can be labelled ‘crazy’- so how do we navigate ourselves with our souls in mind? Insanely talented human + best-selling author Carlie Maree knows the way, having researched a pattern she found within herself, she conducted studies + gained feedback from women all over the globe to understand the complexities of being a woman + found that far from being wrong or broken, we can use our different distinct energy states (Soul Modes) to create consistent + life-changing results! She uncovered a revolutionary guide for women to connect with our Soul Modes so we can expand the essence which is uniquely ours. Carlie Maree offers this invitation, if we accept it, to call home more self-acceptance, self-love + TRANSFORMATION than ever bef

  • Surrendering into the genius of femme fire with Jay Kimber

    Surrendering into the genius of femme fire with Jay Kimber

    06/03/2020 Duração: 40min

    Femininity is a word that gets bandied around as often as the latest on-trend super food... but what does it really mean to truly embody your Femme Goddess? To step into the sovereignty of pleasure + understand the essential teachings it gifts us? Jay Kimber is an entrepreneur of health, beauty, wellness & dance. She facilitates women to dive into the juicy and deeply transformational truth of getting comfortable with the burn of desire to harness the power of the feminine. Jay declares sensuality + sexuality helps us create what it is we want in life… and that embodying the sacred feminine is the magnetism we need to bring about new ways in business, life + love! In this episode we chat about living from the inside out, examining the essence of feminine + masculine energies to journey through the process of surrender. Setting alight the femme fire helps us trust in timing, allowing ourselves to be guided not by goals but pleasure – a universally new place to be in business + life. Navigating through

  • Trust is the Superpower of the Soul with Tamarin Oblowitz

    Trust is the Superpower of the Soul with Tamarin Oblowitz

    05/02/2020 Duração: 49min

    The personal development community can often shun the ego… it can get a bad rap, just like the black sheep in the family it is seen as the rogue that must be tamed! It seeks conflict. It is lazy and wants everything to happen now, for free and with the least amount of effort. It loves to dwell in misery + tell you stories of ‘not good enough’ but if you’re committed to healing + wholeness you can’t subcontract the work, the ego is something we must learn to integrate. Tamarin Oblowitz facilitates + supports women for deep transformation from ego to soul, believing ego has gifts for us if only we care to listen.  Feeling the women collective calling for a more conscious, spirit centred support, she witnessed a void in therapy offerings so merged her clinical psychologist, life coach + intuitive healer experience to birth EmpowHER Healing. In this episode we dive into the superpower of the soul… TRUST! Tam gives us a perfect analogy of life: a gorgeous tapestry... from the back thread running every which w

  • 2020 a year of female led social + spiritual regeneration... an energy forecast with Carol Atkinson PLUS meditation by Nikki O

    2020 a year of female led social + spiritual regeneration... an energy forecast with Carol Atkinson PLUS meditation by Nikki O

    23/12/2019 Duração: 37min

    2020 is set to be the year of Female leadership as we strive towards social and spiritual regeneration. Hello Sisterhood! In this episode we hear from Cosmic Carol, who gives us an energy forecast of what to expect in 2020 - a year not only important for our own individual lives but the life of humanity. She reveals the systems and structures of the patriarchy that will continue to breakdown as we move into a new era of consciousness. With Capricorn being the main player in the astrological charts, ruling our bones, teeth + organs, our physical body will be tested for perseverance and self-discipline. It is also revealed that March is a particularly important month so circle it in your calendar... there could lie a complete destruction of an area of your life, with physical or psychological wounds being called forward to heal in order to lead and achieve self-empowerment with integrity + conscious objectivity. Carol also gives us guidance on how best to use the energy of this year ahead to move mountains and

  • Managing tricky family dynamics + how to give unspoken expectations the flick this Festive Season with Hailey Magee

    Managing tricky family dynamics + how to give unspoken expectations the flick this Festive Season with Hailey Magee

    13/12/2019 Duração: 42min

    The Festive Season is supposed to be a wonderful time of year AND it almost always involves a big side dish of stress.... the unspoken expectation is that family time is to be cherished however it’s probably fair to say that even the most loving family has their fair share of tricky dynamics. Blended families, actual dysfunctional behavior or a strained relationship that hasn’t yet been resolved can lead to feelings of powerlessness + tension... So wouldn’t it be super cool to cruise into family gatherings this year with a sense of ease + peace?Co-dependency Coach + boundary Queen Hailey Magee shares with us the strategies and tools to keep yourself strong in verbal self-defence!In this Holiday Special conversation we cover;

  • Money transformation + healing for the modern day empowered, engaged Woman... with Jess Giles

    Money transformation + healing for the modern day empowered, engaged Woman... with Jess Giles

    26/11/2019 Duração: 39min

    Money scares the shit out of me. There I said it. Whether you love it, hate it or are simply indifferent towards money, it doesn’t change the fact that it impacts our daily lives. There is so much fear, embarrassment and shame tangled up with our finances we can barely breathe. To give you the cold-hard facts a recent report revealed that nearly 85% of Australians are saying it is negatively impacting their wellbeing. So, what are some of the money stories that have us so strung out? There’s never enough! It goes out faster than it comes in! Money doesn’t grow on trees you know! Rich people are greedy! These are just some of the narratives swirling around in our heads… So exactly HOW do we embody the FULL expression of abundance? Jess Giles from Chic Money knows the way… the M word doesn’t have to send a cold shiver down your spine. This powerhouse Money Mastery Coach is passionate about empowering women to step into their financial freedom + create real, sustainable wealth! Jess is not only a quali

  • Setting yourself FREE... bodies, hearts + everything in between with Libby Tozer

    Setting yourself FREE... bodies, hearts + everything in between with Libby Tozer

    14/11/2019 Duração: 29min

    There is no denying that body image is at the forefront of our societal culture with photo shopping, special filters and air-brushing a common occurrence to project perfection when posting our pictures online! In this fast paced, instant gratification world of Instagram and Facebook – it is all too easy to get swept up in the need to look flawless. But what is this costing us not only personally, but as a collective of women? Isn’t it time to stop and put down the injectables, the lifts, the procedures and beauty products that perpetuate the feeling that we just aren’t quite good enough as we are?! I believe YES and the ripples of change have begun... telling a different story, one that embraces all that is real + authentic. One that is vulnerable and honest, but most importantly bestows upon us the deep-seated belief of acceptance, beauty and uninhibited JOY!  Libby Tozer is the founder of the She Is Me Movement – a collective of women celebrating womanhood through stories and photography. Libby -

  • Single? Forget the word DATE and make beautiful connections instead with Jane Donovan!

    Single? Forget the word DATE and make beautiful connections instead with Jane Donovan!

    31/10/2019 Duração: 49min

    There are many challenges a single parent faces and the dating world is certainly one of them. Today’s dating landscape is tricky... one that we've never quite witnessed before as a society, so how do you navigate this uncharted territory if you have been on singleton hiatus? In this episode we find out how you could be your own worst enemy, and by making inaccurate assumptions you may just be getting in the way of your own perfect love story! Jane Donovan has been crowned the 'Love Guru' by the Australian media and with good reason, this self-described dating, love & happiness Coach uses the love Gods & Angels to help people make meaningful and intimate connections. Jane and I get together to discuss sex, love and the matchmaking game, she opens up with us about shutting down negative self-talk and delivers an epic twist on the love at first sight myth! If you’ve ever asked yourself; How to stay SAFE as a single woman dating?What are the first date deal breakers? When to introduce the

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