A campfire themed podcast that delves into the creative process, spirituality, wellness, and building a more intentional life. Anusha Jiandani converses with creators all over the world to get to know their journey thus far, how they've coped with their experiences in life on all spectrums.


  • Josiah Cafiero amp Eric Duffert: Three Podcasters Sit Around A Campfire

    Josiah Cafiero & Eric Duffert: Three Podcasters Sit Around A Campfire

    19/09/2019 Duração: 01h23min

    Welcome back earthlings! On this episode, I had a rad conversation with the hosts of the TOL podcast, Josiah Cafiero and Eric Duffert. We jumped into how their podcast came into fruition, the story behind its mysterious name and how they work together as a dynamic duo. We also talked about the polarity behind constantly doing vs utilising intention towards our interests, how our thoughts and emotions create our reality, inner child healing and dissecting our own experiences with it, theories behind extraterrestrials making contact with planet earth, and a myriad of other conversational avenues. Thanks for the support! To check out the TOL podcast, go to: Instagram: @tol_pod Eric Duffert: @eric_d_duffert Josiah Cafiero: @josiahcafiero

  • Kinnison Cyrus: A Photographers Perception

    Kinnison Cyrus: A Photographer's Perception

    12/09/2019 Duração: 01h09min

    Hey friends! On this episode, I was humbled to be able to have an expansive chat with a long time friend and professional photographer, Kinnison Cyrus. We explored his craft and his current journey with photography, the reality of instant gratification when starting something new, pursuing our passion while honoring our progressions and failures, and so much more. Thanks so much for listening! I appreciate the support.  To check out Kinnison's work, go to: Instagram - @mr.kcy Website -

  • Erica Sheldon: Finding Your Happy Place

    Erica Sheldon: Finding Your Happy Place

    28/08/2019 Duração: 58min

    On this episode of Campfire Talk, Erica Sheldon and I catch up after over a year of not being in touch. We delve into her work process, how she uses her craft in graphic design to express herself emotionally as a creative. Erica talks about her journey with recently moving into the freelance world. We chat about the perks that come with seizing the day as creatives on our own terms, and the discipline that comes with it. Throughout the episode, we jump into myriad of other conversational topics that range from spirituality, our connectedness as humans through our energy and the frequencies we put out into our reality, social media, the evolution of AI on planet Earth, and much more. Enjoy! To check out Erica's work, follow her on: Instagram: @ericasheldon Website:

  • Daniel Rider: The Trials and Errors of Embracing the Creative Route

    Daniel Rider: The Trials and Errors of Embracing the Creative Route

    18/07/2019 Duração: 55min

    On this episode, I bring on my first guest, Daniel Rider, as we share our thoughts and experiences of what it was like deep diving into the creative industry as artists. We discuss embracing freelance opportunities through listening to our intuition and gut, our similar journey leading to a life of sobriety after coming out of substance abuse, and much more.